Users say about failures in Google


Пользователи заявляют о сбоях в GoogleThe greatest problem with search engine, Google email client Gmail, and YouTube was in the USA, Japan, Australia.

The Google search engines, Google, mail Gmail and YouTube, there was a failure around the world 4:00 Kyiv time. It is reported by the service Downdetector, which monitors the work of popular Internet resources.

Most reports of problems with access or use of these resources comes from Japan, Hong Kong (China), Eastern Australia, South-East Asia, Mumbai (India) and some States of the USA.

According to users, the most frequent problem with Gmail is the inability to download or open the attached files.

YouTube can be slow to open the video playback or live broadcasts.

In the Google search engine may be problems with the synchronization of accounts.

At the same time, according to Downdetector, in Ukraine there are no problems using these services.


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