Users of Vodafone complain about the lack of Internet in the major cities


Пользователи Vodafone жалуются на отсутствие интернета в крупных городахThere was no Internet for about an hour.

Users of one of the largest Ukrainian mobile operators Vodafone was left without Internet access in the three largest cities.

In particular, without access to three major Ukrainian cities – Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk and Kharkov.

Also this information was confirmed by head of Department of public relations of MTS Ukraine Viktoria Ruban.

“This is true, the Internet is lost, the services have not been available in no more than an hour, but everything is fixed. The outage occurred at 15:00 and continued until 16:00”, she said.

The causes of Internet downtime is now being investigated, said Ruban.


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