Users of the Google Pixel 2 XL again faced with the problem


Пользователи Google Pixel 2 XL снова столкнулись с проблемой Google Pixel 2 XL had problems again with the screen.

According to information from the owners of the gadget on the smartphone front the flash fires itself when you unlock the screen.

Informed users pointed out that can’t do a screenshot because the operating system continually prompts for a password.

The developers then recommend just to change the settings of privacy protection, but it did not help to solve the problem. As a result, the service centers have received more than 300 people.

On the web user community Pixel there was a topic in which all of the owners of the flagship can share their problems with the machine. In the end it turned out that the most common problem was the poor quality of the screen Assembly. Because of the sensors located on the side panels, the phone is constantly activated front flash. Even if it’s disabled, the problem is not solved.


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