Useful life hacks for the phone owners


Smartphones use daily a lot of people on the planet. There are useful life hacks that will help you to avoid unpleasant society, to save caught in the rain device, to make a simple stand, etc.

Lifehack literally is folk wisdom, cunning, characteristic examples of which can be found at the linkЛайфхак#Примеры_лайфхакинга.

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The use of modern technology can be simplified with the help of some tips:

  • Proper drying when moisture. For example, if phone xiaomi mi5 exposed to water, you should get him a memory card, SIM card and blot with paper towels. After that, it is impossible to dry device with a hair dryer. You must put it in a bag with silicone gel, which will draw moisture.
  • Interesting program, simulating a stranger call, which will save you from unnecessary company. Not to ask to call a friend, simply install
  • to configure the application.
    Macro photography is possible, even without special equipment. Enough on the camera phone lens drop of water, which will enlarge the image. About the model Mi with 6X super camera read more on the website.
  • The model with the stylus are much rarer now, but sometimes even the tablets produced with it. To make the stylus yourself, you must wrap the pencil with foil.
  • The increase in volume can be achieved without sound system. This smartphone is placed in a glass and the sound power increases.
  • Lamp of the device is created through a simple water bottle. You need to install it on the flash, enabling pre-flashlight.
    Knowing about the above recommendations, each owner can use in their life for their technology.
  • Tips to extend battery life

    To ensure continuous operation without recharging the owner quite simple. Need to keep track of open applications, close them as needed. Enable power saving mode conserves battery power. There are features that pull a lot of charge. For example, the voice assistant Google required a constantly active microphone. Disabling the function, you can reduce battery consumption. Automatic download of taken photos is also energy consuming.

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