“Useful” habits caught up threat


It is important not to overdo it.

Take care of your health well. But if you overdo it with this care, you can hurt yourself.

The therapist Natalia Gordienko told me about the habit, which many people consider useful, in fact can seriously harm your health.

Drinking calcium tablets

Calcium the body needs is a fact. It provides a fortress of musculoskeletal system, maintains the health of teeth, involved in metabolism, etc.

At the same time to enter the body needs natural calcium, one that is contained in natural foods – milk, cheese, etc so it will be properly absorbed, and the residues – removed outside.

Uncontrolled reception of preparations “artificial” calcium contributes to the formation of kidney stones, leads to the appearance of calcium deposits on the walls of vessels, etc. Because this substance is not excreted naturally, and accumulates, causing various failures.

Zealous antibacterial personal care products

Wash hands with antibacterial soap, wipe face with the same napkin and everywhere to spray on hands antiseptics — for many, it was an unwavering ritual.

While such a careful control of bacteria (in fact — not only with bad and good, which the body needs) in a short time leads to dry skin, cracking and the development of dermatitis.

Doctors insist that hygiene is quite normal detergent, and various Soaps, sprays and wipes “against microbes” in everyday life to anything.

Use of the mask film

Often women for skin care use of the mask film (for the pores, instead of peeling, etc.). Their application refreshes the face, making it cleaner and brighter. However, excessive use of such cosmetics (twice a week) might lead to skin sensitivity, deterioration of elasticity, increased allocation of skin fat and even unwanted facial hair.

The fact that after most of these masks (the removal of which resembles removing the tape from the skin) remain microtrauma, and this in turn makes the person susceptible to penetration of infections. In addition, with the mask, the skin loses the natural protective layer, from which begins the release of more sebum and rashes appear. And during the procedure, the face is removed and “fluff”, instead of which grow darker and thicker hairs.

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Practice every day

The body needs physical activity, but moderate. Because the daily trips to the gym, you risk not to improve health and to improve the shape, but rather, put myself into bed and gain extra pounds.

So, when workouts are not fun, and using force, as it often happens after a hard working day, the body is the release of “stress” hormones, and this in consequence may lead to failure of the metabolism. In addition, the zeal to play sports daily in what has become, can lead to chronic fatigue syndrome, you just will be unable to train at all


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