USA: the Supreme court upheld the anti-immigration decree trump


США: Верховный суд поддержал антимиграционный указ ТрампаNow in the United States will not be able to get the citizens of the six countries.

According to the decree, the ban on entry to the US, introduced for citizens of Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and Chad. The decree trump supported seven of the nine judges of the Supreme court, reversing the decisions of the courts of lower instances, which partially blocked the entry of the ban into force.

So, before he was challenged by the leadership of Hawaii and the American Union of civil liberties, who complained to the courts that the ban, like its previous versions, is discriminatory against Muslims and unacceptable from the point of view of immigration legislation. As a result, the lower courts decided to limit the scope of the ban and to distribute it only to people who do not have any official relations with natural or legal person from the United States.

According to today’s Supreme court decision, the provisions on the limitation of the ban imposed by the courts of lower instances, should be discontinued. And when making decisions on appeals in respect of this prohibition, the Supreme court recommended that appeals courts to consider the relevant resolution.


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