USA: In Parkland on a protest March against guns gathered around 20 thousand people


США: В Паркленде на марш протеста против оружия собрались около 20 тысяч человек

About 20 thousand people gathered at the rally “March for our lives” (March for our lives) in the town of Parkland (Florida), where in February the victims of the school shooting were 17 people, reports channel CBS.

The population of Parkland, about 35 thousand people. It was after the shooting in Parkland started the current wave of protests.

On Saturday, similar rallies held in 800 American cities, including Washington, new York, Boston, Chicago and Houston. Activists also gathered for rallies near the US embassies in London, Stockholm and Copenhagen.

The total number of protesters is not yet known. In Washington, according to police, on March left hundreds of thousands of people. The mayor of new York bill de Blasio reported about 175 thousands of protesters.

A shooting at a school in the city of Parkland, 60 miles North of Miami occurred on February 14. Shortly after the tragedy, police arrested a former student of this school Nicholas Cruz born in 1999. Police said that Cruz confessed to the crime. Last week the court filed against Cruz charges of first-degree murder of 17 people and the attempted murder of another 17 people.


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