USA imposed new sanctions against Venezuela


США ввели новые санкции против ВенесуэлыMeasures imposed against the regime of Maduro.

The office of foreign assets control (OFAC) of the U.S. Treasury Department announced Friday on new sanctions against four companies that conduct business in the oil sector of Venezuela, as well as nine tankers carrying oil to Cuba.

“We continue to pursue companies that transporterowych Venezuelan oil to Cuba and make a profit, and the regime of Maduro is robbing natural resources. The oil of Venezuela belongs to the Venezuelan people and should not be used as a tool of negotiation to support dictators and increasing pressure”, – said in this regard, the Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin.

He noted that Maduro relies on the support of the Cuban military and intelligence services, to retain power, “because it does not have the support of the Venezuelan people”.

Thus, in the sanctions list included Jennifer shipping company Navigation Limited (Liberia), Lima Shipping Corporation (Liberia), Large Range Limited (Liberia), PB Tankers S. P. A. (Italy). Under the restrictions were two tankers under the Italian flag, two under the Greek, four in Malta and one under the Panamanian.

We recall that the United States is continuing strong pressure against Venezuela, which allow the regime of Nicolas Maduro to receive revenues from the sale of oil.


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