USA has banned flights of modern fighter aircraft


США запретили полеты новейших истребителейExperts will replace the unreliable fuel tubing.

Due to the massive check following a recent crash grounded all of the fighter fifth generation F-35. They are in service with the United States and other countries.

On Thursday, October 11, reports the publication Military Times, citing the statement of a management of joint programmes F-35 Lightning II.

“Service of the United States and their foreign partners has temporarily suspended flights of the F-35 to check the fuel tubing inside the engines of cars”, – stated in the published message.

Experts will replace the unreliable fuel tube if necessary on each fighter. The test will take from 24 to 48 hours. This decision was made after the first in the history of the crash of the F-35, which occurred on 28 September in the us state of South Carolina.

The investigation continues, the exact cause of the accident is not yet known. Then crashed the car modification F-35B – c short takeoff and vertical landing, which was developed for the needs of the marine corps.

In addition, Military Times recalled another incident at the marine corps base in North Carolina, which occurred in April. The pilot had to emergency land fighter due to the operation of the fuel indicator.

The family of a stealth multirole fighter fifth generation F-35 Lightning II is developed and produced since 2001 by the American company Lockheed Martin. In addition to modifications to the marine corps, the fighter is presented in two versions: A (for air force) and C (deck). F-35 delivered to the UK, Italy, Israel, Netherlands, Turkey, Australia, Japan, South Korea and Norway.


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