USA: Florida gunman opened fire on passers-by and more than an hour fought with police


США: во Флориде стрелок открыл огонь по прохожим и больше часа воевал с полицией

In the United States, Panama city (Florida) there was another tragedy. Here a man opened fire on passersby on the street, and when the emergency police arrived and unleashed a real battle with the security forces.

It is reported channel WCTV.

At the emergency profit reinforced patrols of police, including special forces and bomb experts. Was the evacuation of schools and businesses that are close to the scene.

“The shooter barricaded himself in the apartment and started to bombard the street with a rifle. The witnesses said that they heard at least 50 gunshots, and the shootout with police lasted for about an hour”, – assured the witnesses of the tragedy.

As a result, one person was injured, and the hand of the police was found dead. He was a 49-year-old Kevin Robert Holroyd. What prompted him to an extraordinary act until it appears.

Earlier the Country reported that in the US on prom night shooting occurred, is lost.

We were also told that in Texas, the shooting occurred at the school, killed eight people.


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