USA decided on the timing of the conquest of the moon


США определились со сроками покорения ЛуныAmerica is planning to land a man on the moon “in the mid-2020s”.

According to the document, America is planning to land a man on the moon “in the mid-2020s”. More exact timing is not specified. Along with this, the country provides more funds to develop new equipment that will be needed for landing on the Earth’s satellite.

The New York Times notes that in 2019 the funding for NASA would increase by $ 370 million and will amount to 19.9 billion dollars. In the subsequent years it will be reduced to 19.6 billion and will remain constant until 2023. The publication is confident that with this funding the flight of astronauts to the moon “will not take place until trump won’t leave the White house, even if he wins the next election.”

In December 2017, trump signed a Directive on policy in the field of space, providing for sending a man to the moon and Mars. Trump said: “This is the first step in returning American astronauts to the moon for the first time since 1972. This time we not only put our flag and leave our tracks — we will create the basis for a possible mission to Mars and maybe someday- many other worlds.”


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