US residents notice a strange natural phenomenon


Жители США замечают странные природные явленияNatural phenomena provoked a real panic.

The American announced the mysterious blue strips that supposedly cut the rainbow in half.

In the US, the inhabitants of many cities began to report in the media that they have recently noticed quite a strange natural phenomenon. One of the Americans told reporters that while driving his car on a busy road, he saw a rainbow that was mysteriously cut in the middle with some blue stripes.

The recent case of interest to ufologists because, in their opinion, the nature of this phenomenon is extra-terrestrial in nature. It should be noted, almost at the same time, many residents of the American resort Myrtle beach witnessed several UFOs in the sky. According to concerned Americans, alien ships, or inexplicable natural phenomena, appeared in the sky, provoked a real panic in the city, as many residents thought began an attack of aliens.

However, some concerns Americans have rushed to refute scientists, stating that rainbow is often interrupted due to the smooth clouds that may acquire a blue tint.


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