US police detained more than 30 opponents of the trump


Полиция США задержала более 30 противников ТрампаPeople gathered at “trump tower” to convey their outrage to the President.

Among the protesters at the Trump Tower on Tuesday evening there were many who program the ex-President Barack Obama touched directly.

More than 30 people were arrested at unofficial residence of Donald trump in new York during the protests, which were triggered by the President’s decision to cancel the program that limits the deportation of children of illegal immigrants, said the organization of Women’s March, the representatives of which participated in the action.

Earlier it was reported that the NYPD arrested 12 people, activists sat down in the center of Fifth Avenue, blocking traffic on the street. Among the protesters at the Trump Tower on Tuesday evening there were many who program the ex-President Barack Obama touched directly. Primarily it is the students whose parents are immigrants. They began to gather at tower on Fifth Avenue in the first half of the day, several hundred people did not leave long.

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“Without papers and without fear,” read placards many of them. “I’m upset and concerned, but not allow emotions to take over, because they have to fight for their rights,” says one of the participants of the action, advocating for immigration reform.

Also the protests against the announced US attorney General decision to abolish the DACA program, introduced in 2012, were held Tuesday in major U.S. cities: at the White house in Washington, DC, to Los Angeles, Denver.

On Tuesday, the administration trump gave Congress six months to find an alternative program in respect of children of illegal immigrants that should be part of the declared trump U.S. immigration reform.

Obama implemented the program with a number of conditions were given a reprieve from possible deportation and work permits to children of illegal immigrants who arrived in the US until they have fulfilled 16 years. After approval of each individual they were issued an extension of possible action on deportation and a work permit for two years with possibility of extension.

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The former US President became one of the main critics of the decision of the current head of the White house. Barack Obama called the decision of the administration of Donald trump’s “self-destructive”, “cruel” and contrary to American values.

Initially, the number of immigrants under this provision, estimated at 1.7 million people. USA as of 2016 had postponed the deportation of about 800 thousand people. More than half of them live in California and Texas.

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