US intelligence found out what kind of space weapons creates Russia


Разведка США выяснила, какое космическое оружие создает РоссияThat threatens outer space security.

Defense intelligence Agency, the U.S. released on threats to security in outer space. The document is available on the Agency’s website.

In accordance with the report, the main threat to U.S. interests in space are represented by two countries – China and Russia. Also, security risks are Iran and North Korea. Particularly the authors of the report noted the strengthening of China’s position in space. Beijing was able to take the second place on number of satellites, after the United States and invests heavily in the development of the space program.

Russia, despite the long period of lag, also retains a key position in space. Moscow is developing different types of military technologies, which allow to conduct combat operations in space. These include laser weapons, electronic jamming.

Part of the Russian satellites used for diagnostics of spacecraft, has a dual purpose, are confident the authors of the report.

“Observation satellites and services capable of diagnosing the approaching of the devices and fix some problems. However, this same technology can be used to get closer to the satellites of foreign countries and carry out attacks,” reads the report. The placement of such satellites in orbit began in 2017.

Report US military intelligence based on open sources. For the preparation of the Russian part of the report was used by the media, in particular, “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, “echo of Moscow”, “Interfax” and “Military review”. The statement about the possible use of inspection satellites as weapons refers to an article in the magazine Popular Mechanics, published in August 2018.

January 29 report on the main threats to the national security of the United States published national intelligence. The Agency also recognized the growing threat from Russia and China.


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