US intelligence agencies said about the real threat of a repetition of “September 11”


Спецслужбы США заявили о реальной угрозе повторения «11 сентября»American intelligence said about the threat of terrorist attack using aircraft.

Us intelligence agencies received information that terrorists intend to repeat in the US terrorist attacks using airplanes, as it was 11 September 2001, captured when the aircraft crashed into the world trade center and the Pentagon. This was stated by the acting Minister of internal security of the United States Elaine Duke.

“Terrorist groups, whether ISIS or others, want to organize a major outbreak like the one that was September 11. They are going to use the plane, intelligence there is no doubt about that”, she said.

According to representatives of Department, in recent time, the terrorists were more likely to use tactics of attacks with the use of vans and bladed weapons. However, this does not mean that they abandoned the “main script with the plane.”

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“The terrorists are strong, they quickly adapt to everything, and the threat of terrorist attack is now at its highest level since September 11. We must have all possible means (to counter them. — Ed.)”, — added the Duke.


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