US braces for another deadly virus outbreak


The US government is providing $600 million for the Prevention of African swine fever (ASF). Recently, AVP emerged in neighboring countries the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

The National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) welcomes the commitment of support. NPPC represents the interests of approximately 60,000 pig farmers in the United States (USA). Since 2018, when the virus was spread in Asia, they have been calling for measures to protect American pig farming against the virus.

The money is deposited in a fund of the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) under the USDA Department of Agriculture. The state-owned CCC, founded in 1933, carries out specific agricultural programs drawn up by the United States Congress. NPPC calls for the money to be used for more staff in the USDA’s Veterinary Services, pig culling equipment and additional washing facilities for livestock trucks.


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