Urgant angered the Russians by his action


The words of Ivan Urgant not shed light on the main question.

Rumors that the famous Russian TV presenter Ivan Urgant got citizenship of Israel were the reason for the present wave of national indignation on the Internet. From insults and spitting virtual showman did not save even his personal assurance that he loves Russia and he is not going to leave.

After in mass media there was information about getting Ivan Urgant of the passport of the citizen of Israel, the Network broke out this storm. The lead began to accuse that he literally flees from Russia. However, even in the original — the Israeli newspaper “Vesti” — right said that after receiving the document entitling them to visa-free entry to 161 countries of the world, he will return to Moscow.

Moreover, did not stop on even a refutation of Ivan Urgant.

“I remain a citizen of Russia, love my country and to leave it is not going to,” wrote TV presenter on his page in Instagram. “I really went to Israel…For two days”, — he stressed.

In this country, explained Ivan Urgant, buried by his grandmother and aunt, and that was the reason for the trip.

However, the most sharp-eyed netizens noticed that the words of Ivan Urgant not shed light on the issue — he received or not Israeli citizenship. The fact that there is no need to give up Russian passport.


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