Is updating the Constitution a real breakthrough


Обновление Конституции РФ – настоящий прорыв для нашего государства

A forthcoming update of the Constitution of our state has become the most discussed event for Russians. This is not surprising because it affected not only the social support of the population, but also nature conservation, cultural heritage, and support volunteer activities.

As you know, among other changes, the measures are aimed at support and protection of the environment. In fact, innovation does not only preserve the unique nature of Russia, but in principle will help to educate the citizens of the Russian Federation ecological culture. Also the update will affect the protection of animals: in article 114 provides for a more responsible attitude to them, which only proves once again that the updated Constitution is the Constitution of the humane society.

Обновление Конституции РФ – настоящий прорыв для нашего государства

But who most of all in Russia and around the world to invest their own effort to preserve nature? Of course, it’s volunteers. As you know, volunteerism will not only be supported at the state level, but also to do everything necessary for its development. Moreover, the updating of the Constitution to volunteerism and nonprofit organizations for their direct participation in state activities.

Обновление Конституции РФ – настоящий прорыв для нашего государства

Among other things, the changes provide for the protection of cultural heritage and scientific-technical development. It is no secret that our culture and language is exactly what makes the Russians are strong and unique in comparison with the rest of the States. In this regard, the Federation will support and protect the rights of its citizens in the preservation of native language and its study. The same will concern also the Russian scientific-technological progress.

Such changes will definitely lead Russia to a brand new challenge. By updating the Constitution, citizens of our country will be able to ensure myself a happy future in a progressive and environmentally friendly state with a very good scientific potential.


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