Up to 16,000 euro fines for unvaccinated Singaporeans


Coronavirus patients in Singapore who have deliberately not been vaccinated can expect medical costs of up to 25,000 Singapore dollars if they have to be hospitalized.

The Singapore Ministry of Health has calculated this amount at the request of Bloomberg News Agency. Earlier this week, the authorities in the country announced that they would no longer cover the health costs of unvaccinated coronavirus patients as of 8 December.

According to the ministry, treatment at a COVID department costs about 4500 Singapore dollars (2900 Euros) per week.

“Depending on the course of the disease and the type of facility, the level of the bill may vary,” the ministry adds.

Singapore has one of the best health care systems in the world and the cost of hospitalization due to a Coronavirus infection has been fully covered by the state so far. 85 percent of the population is vaccinated, but in a statement earlier this week the government stated that the non-vaccinees are “disproportionately” burdening health care.


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