Up for sale is a unique vintage convertible Mercedes-Benz


На продажу выставлен уникальный ретро-кабриолет Mercedes-BenzBright Roadster Mercedes-Benz has built on components of the VAZ-2101 1974.

In Russia for sale a unique convertible Mercedes-Benz in retro style.

It is a replica, the prototype for which was the Roadster Mercedes 540K 1936. Worked on it since 2011. Price Mercedes 540K is 1.7 million rubles ($28 500). The documents indicate that this is VAZ-2101 1974. Indeed, under the hood of the Roadster is mounted 1.3-liter engine VAZ 69 HP

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However, it has an automatic transmission, and a donor chassis was a sedan Mercedes S-Class W140. The body is hand-crafted from aluminium and fibreglass. Installed the taillights from the truck, and the brake lights of the motorcycle.

The front headlights and rear view mirrors are also borrowed from the cars. Interior of leather and wood, and seats borrowed from Chrysler.

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На продажу выставлен уникальный ретро-кабриолет Mercedes-Benz
На продажу выставлен уникальный ретро-кабриолет Mercedes-Benz

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