Unusual laws in new York. Photo


Необычные законы, действующие в Нью-Йорке. ФотоThese laws raise many questions.

Usually, new York is associated with most of us with prosperity, joy and, of course, freedom. However, in fact, a resident of the Big Apple is not so free in their actions. We collected 12 absurd laws in force in the territory of new York.

1. The scene on the balcony

Необычные законы, действующие в Нью-Йорке. Фото

Those who have seen new York in movies and TV series, imagine it as a city of freedom and creativity. It seems, then, you can Express yourself as you want. Yes, indeed, In new York a lot of opportunities, but there are restrictions. For example, the city is forbidden to make a scene on the balcony. Loud singing on the balcony or the roof of the house, to show the concert on their private terrace or enjoy a dance prohibited by the Administrative code of the city. So, if you are preparing some idea, look for the scene away from Windows.

2. Topless in the city

Необычные законы, действующие в Нью-Йорке. Фото

In new York you can go Topless. Yes, you can walk around naked in times square no matter what gender you are. However, this can only be accomplished on their own. If your naked parade part of the campaign, you will be arrested.

3. Ice cream

You can buy and eat any ice cream and any conceivable or inconceivable way. But do not try to wear a cone in your back pocket on Sunday! Here is such a harsh law in new York. The same law applies in Alabama so it’s pretty serious!

4. Wool trade

Необычные законы, действующие в Нью-Йорке. Фото

If you suddenly plan to catch and shear the animals for the purpose of selling their wool immediately toss that idea out of your head! Even if we are talking about your own animals. On the market manufacturing wool, hair, skin or flesh of dogs and cats is strictly prohibited. So, next time you mow your pet, get rid of all selfish intentions and just throw away the wool in the trash.

5. Company in masks

Необычные законы, действующие в Нью-Йорке. Фото

Of course, you have the right to take and put on a mask of favorite hero. But God forbid you come in some place and meet up with someone in the same mask. For this, according to the Criminal code, could face a fine. Also, in new York it is forbidden to gather companies more than 5 people, if everyone wore masks.

6. Innocent flirting

Необычные законы, действующие в Нью-Йорке. Фото

The majority of new Yorkers prefer to learn on the Internet, but in real life just shy of the opposite sex. And all because of an innocent attentions can result in a fine of $ 25! Not too much, but who cares?

7. Infidelity

Необычные законы, действующие в Нью-Йорке. Фото

In new York the temptations may await you at every turn. This large city attracts many beautiful, interesting and talented people. However, the city administration respects family values and is the guardian of morality. So, if it is proved the fact of adultery, the culprit can be punished imprisonment for the term up to one year.

8. Photo with the tigers

Необычные законы, действующие в Нью-Йорке. Фото

Being in new York, you will want to visit Bronski zoo. There are many exotic animals and you will surely want to be photographed with them. But do not try to do selfies with tigers. You’ll need to understand on the nose, photographing big cats under the big ban. In 2014 the Governor of the state of new York passed a law prohibiting direct contact with the tigers, and the guards are closely watching its implementation.

9. Divorce

Необычные законы, действующие в Нью-Йорке. Фото

Before you marry in new York, I think, are you ready to really live with this person all my life. And it’s not romance, and the intricacies of the divorce process in the country. It can be done only with the consent of both spouses. But if someone against it, you have to while away their days staying in the marriage.

10. Jumping from a skyscraper

Необычные законы, действующие в Нью-Йорке. Фото

Decided to jump off a skyscraper? Well, it’s yours, but we strongly recommend you to do it in new York! The fact that the person committed the rash act, will be sentenced to death. However, no one so far has not suffered such punishment, as there were no survivors.

11. Snoring

Необычные законы, действующие в Нью-Йорке. Фото

In new York, your snoring can be a serious problem. So, if you know about it, make sure that doors and Windows of your bedroom was tightly closed. Otherwise the neighbors may call the police for disturbing public order.

12. The wearing of Slippers

Необычные законы, действующие в Нью-Йорке. Фото

In the daytime you can walk around in flip-flops or Slippers on the streets of new York. But after 10pm wearing such shoes banned. Imagine you can go Topless, but wearing Slippers – not!


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