Unusual facts about Japan that will definitely amaze you


Необычные факты о Японии, которые непременно вас удивятJapan – strange mysteries.

Mysterious and unpredictable for Europeans, Japan is a tidbit for those tourists who wish to spend your vacation, perhaps in the most unusual places on the planet. The birthplace of the samurai, anime and spectacular martial arts has annually ranked among the most sought after tourism countries.

1. Acquaintance of the future spouses is always in the presence of parents.

2. The Japanese do not show their feelings violently, and very rarely say, “I love you”. In one of the Japanese entertainment gear presenter invited the participants to send SMS to their wives with the love confession. Men much embarrassed, and the reaction of all wives were the same — none of the wives did not take SMS seriously.

3. Anniversaries — this is not about Asians.

4. In Japan there is no heating. Have to bed in three jumpers.

5. Small earthquakes happen all the time. With mobile phones getting alerts even on weak shocks. But the first time is still scary and unusual, because the house like waves, hopping, overtaken by panic and scared to move.

6. The Japanese often become victims of pirates. Often the Chinese are robbing the vessel of the Japanese, and they did not react to the theft. The reason for this simple reaction is the lack of its own army, and people in General is not configured to conflict and prefer to turn a blind eye to such trifles.

7. Japanese provincial cities there’s heaps of entertainment facilities — only one cinema. But at the same time, the level of comfort in a small town is very high, in contrast to the Ukrainian. A wide selection of products in stores dryer for linen from which nothing is stolen and much more. And yet, everything from the doors to the machine for wrapping of used diapers, automated.

8. Every city has its own laws about the cleanliness of the streets, which all observe. In Japan no boxes and janitors, because each person is responsible for the cleanliness.

9. A large financial gap between rich and poor in Japan, no. If you earn a lot, pay a lot of taxes. Life remains rich about the same as the Japanese middle class.

10. All Japanese people can buy household appliances or home. Salaries allow. Each family member has their own car, each home has a dishwasher, air conditioner, robot vacuum or a robot animal.

11. Women in Japan is legally protected and they have rights that men respect.

12. Teachers in Japan are highly valued by society and government. Such a position is difficult to get due to high demands, because the teacher should know not only his subject but other disciplines ranging from mathematics and ending with musical instruments. Load the Japanese teachers the same as Ukrainian. But the difference in wages and in relation to society is enormous.

13. Immigrants in Japan are fairly easy to find a job, because labor is always not enough. And wages are high.

14. Japanese men are often sitting in the decree with the baby, and women earn money.

15. Breakfast in Japan instituted in the family circle. If someone wakes up at five in the morning, and the whole family gets up and prepares for the meal.

16. The Japanese carefully monitor their diet. Breakfasts, Lunches and dinners must be balanced — always on the table are rice, fish, meat and vegetables.

17. The privacy of the Japanese is missing. It is easy to see even in the device housing. The rooms are very small, have low ceilings and little furniture. The baby room is tiny or non-existent. All of this is aimed at, the family spent more time together and each member was in sight.

18. The Japanese can choose the child one name, and the characters to write the name of the other. No one can read the name of a stranger if it is not listed as it is read.

19. Children in Japan do not aspire to grow up quickly. Most often their childhood is in a relaxed home environment.

20. The population of Japan to respect law and order. This is due to the fact that the laws work well. No one will sell alcohol to minors and before you buy, you need to specify your age in a special box on the checkout screen.


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