Unusual dishes for the sake of which go to travel. Photo


Необычные блюда, ради которых отправляются путешествовать. ФотоIs like is not for everyone.

They find themselves in the harshest conditions, even the experienced survivalist to the last picks in food that looks quite edible and tolerable smell. C gourmet is the case quite differently, and they do not need to persuade to put the mouth some obscure kind of disgusting filth they call a delicacy. These 10 dishes in the lead: despite their creepy appearance and often repulsive aroma, they are very popular among locals and visiting foodies.

Fried spiders
Where: Cambodia

Необычные блюда, ради которых отправляются путешествовать. Фото

A kind of poisonous tarantula “a-ping” the size of a human palm in this country is the delicious appetizer. Spider rolled in flour, seasoned with spices and fried in deep fat. Before you begin cooking, the chef removes poisonous fangs. However, if the chief only recently started to cook this dish, there is a risk that due to inexperience on the plate, the spider gets more poisonous. The appearance of this dish is associated with the reign of the Khmer Rouge, when because of shortage of food people had to literally go to pasture.

The Cass mn
Where: Sardinia

Необычные блюда, ради которых отправляются путешествовать. Фото

Prepare this delicacy of the Pecorino Sardo. The cheese put in the right place to cheese flies might lay in the eggs. Of them hatch into larvae, which eat the cheese and produce special enzymes, creating a dairy component adhesive mass of creamy consistency. Worms provide freedom of action for a few months, until the cheese will not reach the condition and will begin to exude a appropriate smell. Serves him right with larvae that sometimes jumps out at 10-15 cm, which during the tasting it is recommended to cover his eyes.

Eggs”, sunhwa”
Where: China

Необычные блюда, ради которых отправляются путешествовать. Фото

Behind the poetic name “sanhua” hiding the blue-black egg with a green yolk. To get a “stuffing”, a duck egg, leave for a few months in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, lime and others, one of the Chinese well-known fertilizers, all wrapped in rice straw and putting in the basket. The resulting delicacy is cut, seasoned with garlic and sesame oil and eat.

Where: Sweden

Необычные блюда, ради которых отправляются путешествовать. Фото

The Swedish delicacy is nothing like canned pickled herring with sharp, unpleasant smell. Catch fish, remove head and insides and put in a couple of months in barrels of brine. During this time, the fish enzymes and bacteria form propionic, butyric and acetic acids and hydrogen sulfide, which gives the fish a unforgettable “fragrance”. After aging in barrels, the fish shift to the banks. The fermentation process is not terminated, which the Bank becomes “explosive”. Such Souvenirs do not take on Board the Air France and British Airways, as airlines have equated the herring to explosives.

Where: Mexico

Необычные блюда, ради которых отправляются путешествовать. Фото

For cooking of Mexican national dishes used eggs black liometopumovyh ants. A mixture of eggs the consistency of cottage cheese, so it is ideal for nachinaniya local cakes. Say that the balls taste similar to butter with nuts. So often buying pellet tourists, unaware, eating eggs liometopumovyh ants.

Where: Vietnam

Необычные блюда, ради которых отправляются путешествовать. Фото

Because the meat in the mice not so much, prepare them mostly intact — along with the wings and head. Mice fry in a pan or on open fire. After heat treatment, the mouse appears odor, which the chef disguises herbs and spices. Another option is cooking — stew. In this case, the bat cut off his head and wings and pump blood. It is served in a glass with a dish.

Where: Norway, Sweden

Необычные блюда, ради которых отправляются путешествовать. Фото

Dried fish — mollwo, Pollock, cod — soaked for three days in an alkaline solution of caustic soda, and then another few days in water. As a result of this pickling, the fish becomes jelly-like consistency and a peculiar pungent odor. Culinary critic Jeffrey Steingarten noted that the fish taste is not like anything and evokes such strong emotions that literally sends the person to a knockout.

Guinea pig
Where: Peru, Ecuador

Необычные блюда, ради которых отправляются путешествовать. Фото

Along with other types of meat the locals eat Guinea pigs. The dish was called “kui”. Meat not doing anything special and just seasoned with salt, pepper and other seasonings to taste, and then fried whole with head, legs and even teeth on fire.

Where: Scotland

Необычные блюда, ради которых отправляются путешествовать. Фото

Heart, liver and lungs of a sheep mixed with onion, fat, oatmeal and seasonings and stuffed with a mixture of lamb stomach. It is cooked for several hours, then served with mashed Swedes and potatoes. Scottish national dish is usually prepared on 25 January during the celebration of the birthday of the poet Robert burns.

Where: Namibia

As the delicacy is considered not all wild pig, but only of its own area. A special treat is considered the rear portion. Cut it off, cleaned of excrement and roasted on the coals.


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