Unusual and funny piggy. Photo


The collection also includes piggy Soviet times.

One time was a real boom in the piggy Bank: they gave all for different reasons. The house was a pig, which is carefully sprinkled coins and didn’t break for a long time, reports the Chronicle.info with reference on the BigPicture.

In their place came the piggy Bank with fun mechanisms, but these Souvenirs just never go out of fashion, because money is like everything.

Piggy in the USSR with symbols, Patriotic

And here is the pig, which was probably everyone

Piggy Bank in the shape of a globe, too, from the USSR

But the people large-scale hoarding a dream

Where not only store

Funny mechanisms

That’s right, no smell

Now to smash them don’t need, everywhere there is a hole that to get the coin early

There are secret containers to store money

But it will never go out of fashion

Not in a savings Bank, and in the Swan

The Deposit box piggy Bank


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