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In the world still remain many places for you to enjoy the beauty of our planet away from the annoying crowds of tourists, but to get to these heavenly corners of the Earth, you need to put infinitely more effort than buying vouchers at the nearest office of the tour operator, reports the Chronicle.info with reference for a Fresher.

Waterfalls Havasu National Park Grand Canyon in Arizona.
To reach the waterfalls on foot or on horseback, having a path length of 10 miles in one of the most elusive parts of the Grand Canyon. The water has a blue-green hue due to the high concentration of calcium carbonate and magnesium.
The best time to visit: spring, when daylight hours are longer, and pedestrian travel is easier. In winter, the waterfalls are closed to tourists.

Secret lagoon at miniloc island in the Philippines.
To find this place difficult. To get into the lagoon through the narrow gap between the rocks on the island of Miniloc.
Best time to visit: during the dry season, which lasts from November to April.

Rice terraces in the Ubud region of Bali, Indonesia.
Rice terraces in Ubud area is one of the quietest places on the island. Despite the popularity with tourists, terraces remain intact, since visitors are not allowed to walk among the crops, but only to admire them from a distance.
The best time to visit: may, June and July are the most favorable months for visiting the island of Bali in terms of weather conditions. Rice terraces remain green all year round.

Castle Sammezzano in Tuscany, Italy.
The castle, lost among the hills in the Tuscany region in Northern Italy is privately owned, and only occasionally opens doors to tourists.
Best time to visit: the sooner, the better, because rumor has it that this castle is for sale.

Safari tours from Wilderness Safaris in Botswana.
The tour operator Wilderness Safaris owns 19 scenic campsites in the Okavango Delta, which can only be reached by a small private plane.
Best time to visit: in the season of floods in July and August.

Bagan, Myanmar.
Due to the difficult political climate in the country Myanmar has only recently opened its doors to tourists.
Best time to visit: November to February, after the rainy season, and the sooner, the better, because this tourist destination is gaining popularity.

Moravia, Czech Republic.
Fields of Moravia are very popular among photographers, but not advertised as a tourist destination.
Best time to visit: late summer, when the grape harvest

Hotel Machangulo Beach Lodge in Mozambique.
Almost deserted island Machangulo is one of the best places in the world for diving away from the crowds. To the island you can get there in an hour by boat from Maputo.
Best time to visit: may to November when rain can ruin a vacation less likely.

Samarkand, Uzbekistan. The ancient city of Samarkand is crawling with locals, but there are surprisingly few tourists who are unaware of its hidden architectural treasures. Best time to visit: may to June or September to November. Avoid the hot summer months.

Moraine lake in Alberta, Canada.
Glacial moraine lake is located near famous lake Louise in Banff National Park, but you’d be surprised how few tourists.
Best time to visit: mid June until the end of July, in the season of the melting of the glaciers that feed the lake.


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