Unknown with a knife attacked a military patrol in Strasbourg


Неизвестный с ножом напал на военный патруль в СтрасбургеThe intruder made a daring attack on troops patrolling the station Strasbourg.

One of the soldiers got a small cut on the cheek.

The unknown man attacked with box cutter on soldiers patrolling the station of the French city of Strasbourg, and fled the scene.

The incident occurred on Saturday night. “During a patrol station for two pairs of soldiers from afar noticed a man approaching him with a knife for paper. One of the soldiers got a small cut on the cheek,” – said the Prefecture of the Department of the Lower Rhine.

According to sources in law enforcement, while attacking the man shouted in Arabic, but did not mention Allah. Currently, law enforcement officers continue searches of the attacking.

We will remind, military patrols are on the French station France in the framework of the national anti-terrorist plan “Sentinel”.


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