Unique retro photos taken in the middle of the last century. Photo


The most interesting historical photographs from different countries.

And yet photography is a great invention. Perhaps, the old pictures can be considered a time machine that allows travel back into the past and plunge into the amazing atmosphere of those years. Consider these payroll you can spend hours, poring every one of them because they are much more interesting and more meaningful in any history textbook.

1. The fire after the earthquake in San Francisco

Women are photographed on a background of fire caused by the earthquake. USA, California, San Francisco, April 18 1906.

2. Easter in the USSR

Easter in the USSR in 1923.

3. Arch

The triumphal arch and great colonnade. Syria, Palmyra, 1936.


Car Schlörwagen owes its birth to the German engineer Karl Schlör.

5. The victims of the military conflict in Mexico between Federal forces and rebels cristeros

The Catholics hung Mexican revolutionaries during the revolt of Cristeros. Mexico, 1920-ies.

6. A wreath of parts cars

A wreath of parts cars at the tomb of Frunze.

7. The ruins of the ancient settlement

The ruins of the ancient settlement of Indians in the niche of the rock. USA, national Park Mesa Verde, 1908.

9. The Alliance

President Harry Truman signs the North Atlantic Treaty. USA, Washington DC, 4 April 1949.

10. Fidel Castro in College

Fidel Castro in La Salle College in 1936.

11. German bunker

German bunker at Gold beach in June 1944.

12. Sailors during the holidays

Sailors from the battleship Sevastopol. The black sea Navy. Sevastopol, 1947.

13. Cash advance

Cash advance spent workdays. Chairman of the kolkhoz Krasnyy Oktyabr’, 1947.

14. Tooth extraction

The removal of a tooth at the front in 1917.

15. After the liberation of Stalingrad

After the liberation of Stalingrad in 1943.


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