Unique potatoes presented in the Netherlands


Уникальный картофель презентовали в ГолландииAs is known, varieties of potato do not differ a special variety, otichie pasta, grain or bean dishes.

But these products – the main competitors for the right to appear on our tables.

It seems that soon the potatoes will survive a new round of popularity. The reasons for this were provided by the Dutch company Plantera engaged in the breeding of potatoes – she has developed two varieties of potatoes is very unusual colors – purple and pink.

The color purple potato called Purple Rain due to high content of anthocyanins. While these chemical pigments are traditionally found in blueberries and red cabbage turned out to be a source of anthocyanins can be and potatoes. It is known that anthocyanins are very good for health.

And the second variety of potato – Lily Rose, has a peel purple. The developers say that this variety is more suitable for chips and creepshow. Just imagine how colorful they can be!

It is reported that both varieties of potatoes are ideal for roasting, baking and mashing. According to representatives of the company Plantera, these varieties cooked together with ordinary potatoes will be a bright decoration of the festive table.


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