Unique drugs from the deer antlers enhance health and prolong life


Уникальные снадобья из пантов марала укрепляют здоровье и продлевают жизнь

The right choice of their market niches, sometimes unique, is for later business success value is not less than other factors. Even if this niche is very narrow. With good marketing and advertising this business can collect in one place all interested consumer — reports “КазахЗерно.kz”.

The newspaper “Liter” reported on a family of businessmen from Aktobe, who decided to breed deer in the desert. This business idea is for Tolegenovich became very successful. Together they opened the kiosks, shops, pharmacies, hairdressers, cafes, built a restaurant. And now pantoleonta and red deer farming has become a reality. As it turned out, initiative, persistence in achieving their goals, the constant desire to study the selected case help to move mountains of difficulties.

One entrepreneur in the field of business is not a warrior, and two — the whole enterprise

Make the impossible possible! Pantoleonta and the red deer farm situated on the outskirts of the village of Kazan, four kilometers from Martuk. Ban Tlegenova her first profession she is a physician. More than ten years worked as head nurse of clinic, the surgical Department of the medical unit in Aktobe. But the nineties the years of perestroika changed life. Financial difficulties forced to take up plaid bag and go for the goods.

A pen for the deer at 700 hectares. Entrepreneurial spirit at that time manifested itself to her clearly. In all endeavors was supporting her husband Yertargyn of tlegenov. Together they opened the kiosks, shops, pharmacies, hairdressers, cafes, built a restaurant. In the end, her medical education and his desire to farm optimally docked in the breeding of elk and the establishment of the sanatorium.

Yertargyn – veterinarian, graduated from Sorochinsky veterinary College, then agricultural Institute. He was always drawn to the village, to nature, wanted to raise cattle. Doing business in the city, he was constantly replayed in my head the different possibilities of realization of their cherished dreams. After a few trips to East Kazakhstan gradually matured the idea to deliver in our area of red deer. At first glance, the idea of the unreal – these animals never lived in the Western Kazakhstan. But for the adventurous people there are no obstacles. – I repeat always, if we say “fail”, then nothing happens. If you have the confidence inside, it will all come true.

Even experienced samurai needs a Sensei

Tlegenova with great respect and gratitude belong to my teacher and mentor, who helped them establish the case. Confidence in the success of the chosen business even more stronger, when they in April 2017 went to the village of Privolnoye Ulanovskaya district of East Kazakhstan region – namely in the peasant farm “Bagration” – watch deer Vasily Grigoryevich Voropay. His words: “Children, I will help you. Will be in Aktobe region deer”, is deeply entrenched in the brain – always grateful to ban his partner and mentor in new business. Immediately shares the admiration that this man is in his eighty years, physically strong, and keenly interested in what is happening around and continues to lead his great brainchild. He pulled the deer from the mountains to the plains, at first on his farm there were 50 of them, and now the population is 2 500 horned animals. Plus a large herd of Simmental cows. Support to the business – real.

The period of coordination at various levels, negotiations, obtaining permits for land for construction, importation of animals, solve financial problems is now behind us. Practical work began with the erection of the fence around the territory of 700 hectares, it lasted from late spring until autumn 2017. The nominal resolution of the Ministry of agriculture on the import of 150 head of deer for FE “Tlegenova” from KKH “Bagration” was received on 15 August of the same year. – We were warned about the peculiarities of female deer to calve, where they have done the first time. During the calving season, they tend to return to their former place, destroying all obstacles, breaking nets, fences. With this in mind, we brought young. The first litter was small. The main thing – not allow case – said ban.

Deer blood – cleansing power of nature

The antlers are cut once a year, from may to August. Operators select from dozens of males with Mature and high-quality antlers. One lead into a special nook. Make a shot, cover their eyes and start sawing. Maral slightly disgruntled grunts but his hold tight. From the cut oozing blood, her gain in capacity and carry, and deer go. For “operation” takes several minutes. With one horn you get up to four liters of blood, which instantly freeze.

And deer in March-April of next year start to get new horns. Filling about a quarter of a plastic Cup, the blood is diluted to sterilize with vodka or brandy. Workers rushed – the blood may coagulate. The antlers themselves are heavy, feels like thick velvet.

Antler baths of antler broth well to purify the human body of salts of heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide, toxins. It is important for those who work in the oil fields, deals with fermopily. Pantohematogen raises hemoglobin, immunity, gives brain cleansing, which is useful for those who underwent chemotherapy and radiation.

People got the job

Tlegenova in Martuk district has created 25 jobs, mostly working locals – eight people from the village of Kazan, the rest of the Martuk. Many of them have been training new business. Does not stop in its development and Bani: in order to keep up with the times in addition received two higher economic education. For the implementation of this project in the past year, she was awarded the medal “Eren enbegi ushin”, which is perceived as a recognition for the whole family. Business not blindly, you need the ability to work with people with team, be able to anticipate, – the businesswoman shared their experiences.


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