Unique art installation: stadium turned into the woods. Photo


To create unusual work was inspired by a pencil drawing 1970.

The artist Claus Littmann turned the stadium in Klagenfurt in Austria’s largest art installation, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to glavcom.ua.

Littmann decided to create a project inspired by the pencil drawing 1970 “never-ending appeal of nature,” which drew Max Peintner.

He portrayed an island of trees in the stadium, as presented, in the future, forests may threaten the existence of only as a rare exhibit. Years later, this figure fell to more than 20 textbooks in the German language, as well as in international publications.

In total, the stadium hosted 300 live trees that can be found in the forests of Central Europe. When creating the installation Littmann helped landscape architect Enzo ENEA (Enea Enzo).

To make this project, the artist has attracted sponsors who contributed €5 thousand. They will receive unique prints, signed Litmanen and Pantera.


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