Unfriendly step


Недружественный шаг

“…Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Frants Klintsevich said that the construction of the operations centre of the US Navy on the Ukrainian naval base in Ochakovo is an unfriendly step, reports RT.

Klintsevich added that these actions will not remain without consequences…”

Guys. You – The Federation Council. It is you and nobody else, gave Putin the right to use the Armed Forces abroad Russia. And if so – then you were obliged to put before him the boundary conditions – that it should be “output”. What task you put in front of him, giving this permission. This is a responsibility that you must take, and nothing else.

You don’t like today that the United States will build a base in Ochakovo? And where have you looked in ‘ 14? You had the understanding that interim victories do not happen? Victory is either a full and final, or it did not happen at all? If you were, then who’s stopping you not to be silent, as fish about ice, and clearly set a political objective? And if you do not understand and generally sit there strictly for salary – then keep to it and shut up.

To accuse the US of provocation – a breeze. To say that it is you and your President in 14 not brought the case to the end, of course, more complicated. You guys were all 14. And even more. You strictly by Saltykov-Shchedrin – “cat ate”. And now puffed to pose as injured innocence. Swung – beat. Or don’t threaten. You thought I would bite the Crimea on the sly – and there all by itself? Well, not for you hat. You wrinkle geopolitics? That kind of players? Well, there is a rule – touched-go. You broke it.

In the 14th year before Putin had a historic mission to reunite a divided people. He failed. Completely. The stub of the Crimea, who was not reunited with the mainland by land that has drastically reduced its strategic value – it’s a shame Putin. His painting in his failure. It is your failure. And now the fourth year we go over the ears, trying to fail to give a tremendous achievement. You including driving.

You don’t like the American base? And who prevented you solve the problem once and for all then? To clear the entire South and South-East of Bandera filth, to answer the burning of hundreds of people in the House of trade unions only way to conduct military police operations to destroy terrorist groups? In Syria, over a thousand kilometers you are ready to throw the troops to fight international terrorism, and to eliminate an abscess in his backyard religion does not allow?

Who are you to interfere to save thousands of people of Donbass, which the executioners EN masse shot on the roads when they were escaping, trying to go to Russia? We went to Donetsk and came across a whole roadside of the cemetery by shooting and burned civilian cars, and they were all progress to the border. Ask now from the Donetsk – whom they hate more killers from the West or the traitors from the East?

All over the world decided to tear her. The Jews were involved in the war for a single corporal. Americans nasekomye Grenada in response to allegedly improper conduct of their nationals. The British cleared up the white bones of Mau Mau for the murder of his fifty. For one Odessa it was possible to solve the problem of this gnomewise once and for all. Most of Galicia. What did you do? Recognized the elections Poroshenko and called it the best choice. Well, eat not oblyapaytes today.

Now you better just keep quiet – you’re all said and done. You failed all. In any normal country a long time ago for what it called criminal inaction.

Well, about the threat “will not remain without consequences” – it’s not even funny. Where do you go? Wipe away and will continue to mumble something formidable. Anything else you are able to do. Only face Cams in the direction of the partners. Unfriendly, you say? And make friends with anyone? Friends with equal. Worthy. Understanding the value of words and the responsibility of action. Even here you did not pass.


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