Unforgivable mistakes that slow metabolism


Непростительные ошибки, замедляющие обмен веществThe key to a healthy weight.

Passion for sweets, poor sleep and constant stress – possible causes of your fullness. Find out what drives your metabolism, and that it “gets”.

What slows metabolism?

A slow metabolism is essentially the process of fat accumulation. In this case, even a small relief in eating lead to significant changes in mass and volume. Dietitians claim that most slow down the metabolism of the following factors:

Excess sugar

Excessive consumption of carbohydrate food the cell organelles responsible for energy metabolism, starting to lose some function, which leads to the metabolic disorder. So, the abuse of white bread, pasta, potatoes, sweets and fast food a person begins to gain weight, primarily due to the deterioration of metabolism. In addition, the abuse of starchy food contributes to the development of inflammatory processes in the body.

Sleep disorder

Increasingly we lose weight while sleeping. At night aktiviziruyutsya secretion of the growth hormone somatotropin, which participates in the breakdown of fats. If you don’t get enough sleep, the production of growth hormone is disturbed, which leads to deterioration of metabolism. In addition, prolonged wakefulness leads to the production of the hunger hormone ghrelin that will make you something to eat.


That’s how the human body is that in stressful situations it is ready to two actions: to hit or run. During stress produces cortisol, adrenaline and other hormones that triggers the burning of sugar in order to enable them to perform heavy physical work. In modern conditions, unfortunately, stress is attacking us everywhere, but we do not react as before, and that becomes the cause of accumulation of excess weight.

Непростительные ошибки, замедляющие обмен веществ

Which leads to disruption of metabolism?

The metabolism is disturbed, if some authorities fail to work. For example, the pancreas ceases to function properly. This can happen due to genes, deficiency of a certain hormone or enzyme, eating too much of any product.

Scientists have known hundreds of genetic metabolic disorders caused by mutations of single genes. However, some racial and ethnic groups inherited defective genes and hereditary diseases. So, for example, for Americans, whose ancestors lived in Europe, which is characteristic of cystic fibrosis, a hereditary disease that affects the glands of external secretion, disrupts the function of the respiratory system and the gastrointestinal tract.

The most common hereditary metabolic diseases

Gaucher disease – the body cannot break down a certain type of fat that accumulates in the liver, kidney, spleen, lungs. This disease damages the bone and can lead to death.
Hereditary hemochromatosis – excess iron is not metabolized by the body, accumulates in the organs that increases the risk of liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, diabetes and heart disease.
Latinos disease (maple syrup urine) – due to problems with the metabolism of some amino acids is the destruction of the neurons of the brain. In the treatment of the diet of the patient exclude certain amino acids.
Phenylketonuria – the body stops producing the enzyme phenylalanine, which causes severe abnormalities of the Central nervous system. In this case, you need to minimize the intake of certain types of protein.

A Cup of green tea in the morning will help speed up the metabolism of your body. It’s all in the antioxidants that green tea contains.

Disease caused by metabolic disorders


The most common disease which occurs due to metabolic disorders is diabetes. This disease is characterized by metabolic disorders of carbohydrates. There are two kinds of diabetes: 1st type (the cause of development is not known, although there is a version that the whole point of inheritance) and 2-nd type (it develops gradually, but may be caused by genetic factors). According to the world health organization, worldwide there are more than 422 million people suffering from diabetes.

In diabetes 1-type T cells attack and kill beta cells in the pancreas. Meanwhile, these beta cells produce insulin. Lack of insulin can cause damage to nerves and kidneys, lead to vision loss and cardiovascular diseases.

Violation of protein metabolism

If you have problems with metabolism people may lack protein. Heart, liver and brain can’t work in case of violation of protein metabolism. The deficit of these high-molecular organic substances weakens the immune system, in humans, headaches, impaired cardiovascular, respiratory and other body systems.

Because of the lack of protein in children, slowed growth, and adults experience liver failure, problems begin reproductive function.

An excessive amount protein leads to liver damage, kidney damage, increased excitability of the Central nervous system, metabolic vitamins, gout, urolithiasis, and diseases of the cardiovascular system. Fortunately, cases of excess of protein in human body is rare.

Violation of fat metabolism

Because of energy imbalance, when a person consumes more food than required and it is then not burned as energy and stored as fat develops obesity. It can be caused by metabolic disorders, lifestyle, eating unhealthy foods, including sugary carbonated soft drinks, lack of exercise, overeating, genetic factors, etc.

Obesity can be fought using a healthy diet (eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, forget about fast food) and regular exercise. In any case, scholars argue that it is essential for weight loss. Only in severe obesity, you can do bariatric surgery for weight loss.
Violation of vitamin metabolism

Due to the fact that the human body receives enough vitamins, because of diseases of the digestive system in which most of the vitamin is not absorbed into the bloodstream, can disrupt vitamin a metabolism.

Hypovitaminosis (vitamin deficiency) leads to serious health problems, as it affects important organs and reduces the protective function of the immune system. Deficiency in any one vitamin or vitamin a group (vitamin deficiency) leads to even more serious diseases (rickets, scurvy) and even death.

Disorders of mineral metabolism

The minerals man needs in order to grow, to build bones, muscles, organs, skin, to fight infections. Due to the insufficient amount of iodine disturbed thyroid gland activity, and if it is a deficiency the body will experience for a long time, it will have a negative effect on the immune system.

The lack of fluoride leads to caries, calcium – deterioration activity of cardiac muscle, decrease in muscle tone (prolonged calcium deficiency causes osteomalacia – softening of bones), potassium to low blood pressure, sodium – nausea, vomiting, heart problems (in severe cases).

Too much salt worsens the condition of blood vessels, and disrupts the heart and kidney, the gland causes problems with the liver, phosphorus – leads to deposition of salts.

For good metabolism it is recommended

Be sure to eat Breakfast (this is “include” the metabolism)
Regular exercise
Drink plenty of water
Restful sleep

What speeds up metabolism?

If you want to speed up your metabolism, then you should definitely change your way of life. Here are the factors that will help you burn fat more quickly:

Physical activity

Sports help to increase muscle mass. And the main consumer of energy in the body are muscles. The more muscle, the more sugars and fats they consume for their activities. In addition, physical activity helps to cope with stress and improve sleep quality.

Vegetables and fruits

To start metabolism you extremely need to eat a lot of veggies and fruits. Fiber contained in vegetables and fruits, improves digestion, and vitamins and minerals, plant foods are included in the biochemical processes of the different circuits of the metabolism.


For the coordinated work of the metabolism is important to drink sufficient amount of water to the body rid itself of toxins. Thus it is useful to drink hot water, especially at night, 30-60 minutes before bedtime. Eliminate from your diet foods that contain colors, flavors and preservatives. They contain the largest amount of toxins.


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