Unexpected turn: gipervolemia missiles “Dagger” successfully hit all the targets, and for one and the media lie



Recently, the crew of the MiG-31 the Russian space forces have carried out combat training launch hypersonic high-precision aircraft missile complex “Dagger” announced Vladimir Putin in the Message to the Federal Assembly.

Fighter interceptor at the experimental combat duty took off from the airfield on the territory of the southern military district and made a regular start hypersonic missile successfully struck the assigned target.

As a result of the demonstration (the object of which was all the doubters in reality “painted” the newest weapon of Russian Western skeptics) was publicly confirmed all the tactical and technical characteristics and time parameters of high-precision complex.

“The dagger”, designed to destroy ground and sea targets, was delivered to the carrier aircraft MiG-31 to start for a few minutes, hit the target at a speed of 10 Mach. That is 10 of 620 km/h or 3 km per second. And maneuvered in all sections of the flight path, which once again demonstrated its ability to overcome all air and missile defense existing in the world at the moment.

However, the military has shared yet another shocking West news. It turned out that from the beginning of 2018, the crew of the complex has been performed more than two hundred and fifty flights, and the flight crew is prepared to work day and night in different weather conditions.


Here’s what I wrote about the newest Russian complex “Dagger” leading Western media, last week:

The New York Times: “Given that deception lies at the basis of modern Russian military doctrine raises the question of whether there is actually progress and the program itself of nuclear weapons and a new generation of hypersonic missiles. What is clear is that the threat from Putin and tensions between Russia and the West are growing that reviving the bellicose rhetoric and return to the cold war. Nevertheless, the presentation of Putin’s new weapon reasonably causes debate among military experts who believe that this is a bluff…”


CNN: Russian President Vladimir Putin used a live nuclear missiles with unlimited range and gipervolemia missiles flying at outrageous speeds that are down on America. Obviously, all this has the purpose to create the illusion ofnew firepower of this state.”


Washington Examiner: “I know that Russia is developing a hypersonic missile, but I don’t believethat Putin accurately described their data,” said mark Cancian, senior Advisor at the center for strategic and international studies in the United States.”

So there you are gentlemen, say? Do not want to repeat?…


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