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Неожиданные факты для истинных эрудитов. ФотоWho would have thought.

Shaved head is the ideal of feminine beauty, the Panda is actually a raccoon, not a bear, a cat endowed with special rights unique to one religion. And that’s not all we have prepared for you today, because the world is so interesting and unusual that to learn something new literally every day.

We present you a new collection of exclusive details about everything that will amaze you in the most benevolent.

In 1500 BC, a shaved head was considered the ideal of feminine beauty

Неожиданные факты для истинных эрудитов. Фото

The Egyptian beauty had removed all hair from the head of a special gold tweezers and polished the leather to a Shine wipes. Then on top of the head wore a wig made of sheep wool or plants. And sometimes to create more volume wore one wig to another.

Every day the Earth grows heavy at 60 tons

According to scientists, the weight of space dust and other bodies, which fall to the Earth every day, is from 0.4 to 110 tons. The average is 60 tons.

The first alarm clock could ring only at 4:00

Неожиданные факты для истинных эрудитов. Фото

The first alarm clock was invented by Levi Hutchins in 1787. But he designed it only for themselves and thus, the device would Wake him up for work at exactly 4:00 in the morning.

The most money in Hollywood — adaptation of the script, not the actor

A couple of weeks working on the script, you can earn $ 500k If you’ve always wanted to get into Hollywood, but not as an actor, you should learn the script writing.

The word “camel” comes from the word “beauty”

Неожиданные факты для истинных эрудитов. Фото

In Arabic the words “camel” (Jamal) and “beauty” (Jamal) have the same root.

In just 79 days, the British drove the whole world on a Bicycle

Неожиданные факты для истинных эрудитов. Фото

British cyclist mark beaumont went around the world on a Bicycle for 79 days. To do this he had to pass daily on average, at 386 km in 16 hours. And sleep 5 hours a day.

January 31, 1865 — birthday of Russian vodka

Of course, this alcoholic beverage appeared much earlier, but the official date of birth is January 31, 1865. On this day, Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev defended in St. Petersburg his famous doctoral thesis “On the combination of alcohol with water”.

Horses can sleep standing up, but I can’t dream until you fall

Неожиданные факты для истинных эрудитов. Фото

However, the same applies to cows, giraffes, camels, zebras and many other animals. Standing they’re not asleep, just asleep, so dreams do not appear. For deep sleep still have to lie down.

Einstein didn’t wear socks

Неожиданные факты для истинных эрудитов. Фото

Einstein himself gave 2 answers about the wearing of socks:

“When I was a kid, I noticed that the big toe always ends in a hole in the toe. So I stopped wearing them.”
“Why wear socks and shoes, if one thing looks quite good.”

The sum of dots on opposite faces of dice always equal 7

Неожиданные факты для истинных эрудитов. Фото

All because before seven was considered a magic number, and the dice was equal to a magic ritual, allowing to know the fate.

Panda is not a bear, and raccoon

Неожиданные факты для истинных эрудитов. Фото

On the one hand, the Panda looks like a bear. On the other, their color, type of life and the fact that pandas do not hibernate all year round, suggests that this kind of raccoon. Scientists are still arguing, who are the pandas, the majority incline to the second version, but according to the classification of the Panda is still belong to bearish.

Girls in my life spend about 10 years in the makeup

Неожиданные факты для истинных эрудитов. Фото

And men spend the same amount waiting when the girl will finish to paint.

Alcohol protects against radiation

It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but in the experiment, Japanese scientists have proved beer and other alcoholic beverages may protect from radiation. 0.5 liters of light beer is enough to reduce damage caused by radiation, 34 %.

In New Zealand there are predatory Kea parrots that prey on sheep

Неожиданные факты для истинных эрудитов. Фото

This is a very intelligent, curious and playful birds who are accustomed to man. They love to tumble in the snow and take baths in the puddles. But do not rush to melt.

These birds feed on carrion and attacking the living sheep. Kea sits on the ground near the victim and then suddenly jumps on her back and vyklevyvaet pieces of subcutaneous fat. Most often the outcome of such an attack for the sheep very sad.

Aroma of bananas helps to lose weight

Say dieticians. To smells that help to lose weight, also is the aroma of peaches and apples. To prepare for the summer it’s not too late. Urgently sniff bananas.

If Barbie was growth as a person, it would be 91-45-84

Неожиданные факты для истинных эрудитов. Фото

The length of its legs would be more than half the length of the whole body, and the neck would be 2 times longer than a normal human neck. Too unnatural would look like this.

39th US President Jimmy Carter once sent to dry cleaning his jacket, leaving his pocket a note with launch codes for nuclear missiles

Неожиданные факты для истинных эрудитов. Фото

Fortunately for all, she was able to find in the bowels of the washing machine. But the gray hairs have all increased.

€ 30 thousand night stands with the most expensive call girl

Her name is Michelle brown, and she runs the most prestigious Agency escorts, whose services are used by many famous people.

For $ 22 500 were sold cookie from the ship “Titanic”

Неожиданные факты для истинных эрудитов. Фото

Those crackers were included in the rations issued are saved in the lifeboats of the Titanic. Today is a 106-year-old biscuit is the most expensive in the world.

Anatidaephobia is an obsessive fear that somewhere in the world there is a duck watching you

Неожиданные факты для истинных эрудитов. Фото

People suffering from anatidaephobia confident that the ducks should be afraid, because one of them is definitely watching them. Whatever they did, wherever duck looks.

In our body contains 0.2 mg of gold

In the adult human body on average can be found of 0.2 mg of gold, half of this amount is contained in the bones, and the other half in the blood and internal organs. With high content of gold in the body, it accumulates in the liver, kidney, spleen, hypothalamus. The quality of this gold is equal to 550° sample.

That is, to collect 1 kg of gold would require approximately 5 million people. Now you live with it.

In the West of China in tea use salt

Неожиданные факты для истинных эрудитов. Фото

For example, in Tibet, in the tea add Yak butter and salt, then whip the drink and drink. It turns out tonic, which protects the body from dehydration and is able to instantly restore strength. However, the Western man of his taste seems disgusting.

The cat is the only animal that can remain in the mosque

Неожиданные факты для истинных эрудитов. Фото

According to legend, the prophet Mohammed loved his cat so much that you never dare to Wake her, and the water that she drank, used for ablutions before prayer. She also loved to sleep on his lap during the sermon. Once the cat asleep on the sleeve of his robe for the morning prayers. Without thinking, Mohammed cut off the sleeve not to disturb the cat, and got dressed.


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