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Just now came across the article “the end of the world is canceled. Why nuclear war will not destroy humanity?” and it became clear that for too long and too global world is not only good, but equally bad. Sooner or later, a generation, has completely lost the ability to perceive danger just because it hasn’t been experienced, so she also does not exist. The statement of the former Minister of energy of the USA more than a visual confirmation. In the statement in plain language he said something like this. The risk of nuclear war grows, but don’t worry, all that talk about the danger is just the old grandmother’s tales. We here thought and came to the conclusion that there is no danger.

Poor boy. He read three books, and already thinks he knows the world.

In February of last year, the water barely broke through the dam Orovil. During the week, nearly 300 thousand people “forgot how to breathe”, and 160 thousand of them urgently evacuated “to temporary shelters”. Because if the dam failed to hold, water could guaranteed to wash away more 27 located downstream of the cities. Why spend on each of them one warhead, if it is enough to spend just one on the destruction of the dam? The destruction of the dam of the Kiev hydroelectric station will create a wave of debris tsunami with a height less than 20 meters. Guaranteed to rinse Kiev and 27 more cities which are home to over 15 million people. In the strike zone during the destruction of the Hoover dam are more than 29 million people.

Please note, only three warheads, and not even aimed at cities and nearly 50 million victims. Such objects much more than three, and even three hundred. I was in India a town – Bhopal. On the nearby chemical plant there was a technological accident. Over 3 thousand were killed immediately, another 90 thousand then, the total number of victims is estimated at 600 thousand people In Europe, for example, is something around 230 large chemical plants. However, the chemical companies do not have to be big to be dangerous in the event of a global emergency.

In China in September 1978 in the accident at a chemical plant in Suzhou river were 28 tons of sodium cyanide. This is enough to have killed 48 million people. The victims managed to avoid (officially only killed about 3 thousand people) only by the active actions of the state services, public awareness, and rapid deployment of the necessary supply of reserves. Who and how all this will work in the event of a global nuclear attack? Why bomb the city itself, if much more profitable to attack much more effective goals?

I’m not talking about goals such as the Yeloustouna or break the dignity-Andreas. By calculations of experts, to initiate both quite “right place” to drop just a couple of warheads of average power. And the United States, as a state simply ceases to exist, and all its population in the “upper third” of the country is guaranteed dies within the first 6 – 8 hours. The same fate awaits all of the East coast, which goes under the water, a tsunami wave will reach at least 800 – 900 miles inland. Hello nuclear winter.

The boy just does not understand how much the modern world resembles the proverbial house of cards and how easy it is crashing by removing just a few small pieces of structure. To destroy civilization are not even required to demolish all of the city. Simply cancel the electricity, and it is only a little more than a hundred goals. And that’s all. Through the day over fresh food. After three days – canned. Next week will start a mass Exodus from the cities, which will cease to operate sewer, water, heating.

The biggest problem will be no radiation or risk of cancer sometime in the future, and literally mountains of decaying corpses, which no one will be disposed of. What a machine back to life today, much such half-forgotten threats, such as plague. The boy apparently did not know that in the middle Ages the Black death for three years in a literal sense destroyed more than two thirds of Europe’s population, and whole regions died out completely. Without any nuclear attacks. However, the flooding in New Orleans has shown how quickly modern world is sinking into a gloomy horror “every man for himself, God for all” in which human life is not worth anything.

But all this is far beyond the scope of the worldview of the author, and that boggles the mind, and cannot exist in reality. It looks like universal global peace has found undocumented dark side side effects. Several generations have grown up basically not able to understand – as it is, we’re all gonna die?! Yeah can’t be to do everything! No, someone, somewhere, some perhaps a billion, Yes, but that risked his life every, the more I personally, no, it’s all a silly tale. It does not happen.

The problem is that such views gradually penetrate into the environment of the ruling politicians and begin to reduce the degree of adequacy of their management decisions. Ordinary idiots not to fear nuclear war can. It is because they are idiots and their views do not depend. But when idiotic views infect managers and the consequences of nuclear war, silly tales begin to believe they are, the risk of field test these “theoretical models” is vastly increased.



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