Under Khmelnytskyi discovered a unique find


Под Хмельницком обнаружили уникальную находкуArchaeologists have found the moonshine Cossack times.

Archaeologists have discovered the moonshine times of the Cossacks. Now the exhibit is on display in the Museum of Poltava.

The units were built in the late 17th century. Historian Vladislav Sherstyuk bought the discovery for their money and handed it to the property of the Poltava Museum.

“In the beginning is made a must. When it was ready it was distilled in such units directly into an open fire. And then the tubes came out the drink,” said Sherstyuk.

Alcoholic drink had a fortress of 15-20 degrees.

Historians say that at that time Ukrainians drank a lot less and less.


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