Unborn children – it’s just business



Нерождённые дети – это просто бизнес

The main task of the parasites of the World Government – the destruction of 90% of the population. Abortion is one of the most effective tools of genocide. And dead children come not only in cosmetics. Read to buy…

Unborn children – it’s nothing personal, just business

Author – Alain Namleeva

How often do you read the composition coveted product on the label, throw in your basket? “From time to time” — you say. For example, you have identified your list of products from the category “Sometimes”. And, basically, it is possible to get soda, chips, crackers, chocolates, etc.

“I don’t eat it every day, sometimes you can” — you think. Yes, in principle there is nothing wrong in this “indulgence” of food, if not one “BUT” about which I will write later in this article.

I will not write to You about the dangers of certain foods for health. Article more about the immoral act, the responsibility for which You take over by buying the products of certain companies. Today I want to discuss with You sponsorship by ordinary consumers use the cells of aborted embryos in the food industry.

Yes, You heard correctly — the cells of aborted embryos is very effective for making aromaticheskikh flavoring and additives that can cause You to either taste an orgasm, or to reduce the calorie content of the product that enhances its attractiveness and increases sales.

Will tell You about the companies and their products, using which You can sponsor a market for aborted embryos or suffer serious moral responsibility, which will affect Your life afterwards. What part of this (or all together) may touch or have touched us — we will try to understand with You in the article.

But keep in mind that once You read my material liability will lie to You double the weight, because You will already be aware of the fact that it comprises the products of these companies and thereby be able to use it not just for not knowing, but quite consciously.

Senomyx and HEK 293.

I think some of You are aware of the scandal around the company “Senomyx” and integranta as the “HEK 293”. Material on this topic on the Internet a lot and it is very contradictory. I decided to study all the information on their own, to try to sum up and upon confirmation of the above immoral actions of the company, to protect You from the heavy consequences of liability of the consumption of certain products.

In order to reveal a complete picture of the course of the article I will acquaint You with its main characters.

Meet the main player — the company “Senomyx”.

He writes the company on its website:

“Senomyx discovers novel natural high intensity sweeteners and flavor ingredients that boost taste sensations such as sweet. Our flavor ingredients help food beverage companies create or reformulate better-for-you products, for example, allowing them to significantly reduce the use of traditional,higher-calorie sweeteners, while maintaining the same taste. We also develop savory flavors, bitter taste blockers and cooling agents. Our products are used by many of the world’s leading food and beverage companies”.


“Senomyx discovers a new natural high-intensity sweeteners and aromas of the ingredients that enhance the taste sensations such as sweet. Our taste ingredients help the companies producing the food, the drinks, create or processed foods are best for you, for example, allowing them to significantly reduce the use of traditional, high-calorie podslastitel, while maintaining the same taste. We also razrabatyvaetsya flavors, inhibitors of bitter taste and cooling agents. Our products are used by many leading manufacturers of food and beverages.”

Crazii company engaged in the development of flavoring and aromatic additives, substances that would make the food more delicious and flavor more pleasant. Their developments are used in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

I have a very negative attitude in principle to such activities, as the company earns openly cheating Your brain and You voluntarily accept the fruits of their labor by buying such products as chips, soda, commercial juices, chocolate, snacks, chewing gum, cough syrups (with a pleasant taste), etc.

You cheated, and You happily bought and ate this harmful deception.

So, there is information that “Senomyx” has patented a certain smell, using their own super sensitive system. These receptors was obtained in cell culture “HEK 293”.

For those who do not know I will explain what the “HEK 293”.

“HEK 293” (Human Embryonic Kidney 293) cell line derived from embryonic human kidney. Due to its ease of culturing and transfection is widespread in modern cell biology. In addition, widely used in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries as producer of therapeutic proteins and viruses for gene therapy. HEK 293 derived from kidney cells of an aborted child.

Next, write a little bit about how we got to this line and thanks to whom.

This cell line was obtained from the laboratory of Dr. Alex van der EBA in the early 70-ies of the last century in the Netherlands by introducing a primary culture of kidney cells of an aborted human embryo DNA of adenovirus type 5. The transformation by adenovirus was performed by Frank L. Graham (which will also write on) in the laboratory of Alex van der EBA. In the result, the cells acquired a capacity for unlimited growth and reproduction in culture and maintained in this state for the last about 40 years.

About these two people I want to tell You something, because personally, when considering the topic of the article, found information about the creators of HEK 293, and that, in my opinion, not important enough.

Нерождённые дети – это просто бизнес

Dr. Alex van der EB (Alex van der Eb)

Dr. Alex van der EB is a member of the Royal Academy of Sciences of the Netherlands, the Academy “Europaea” and “the European molecular biology organization” (EMBO). He is a carrier of the order of the Dutch Lion (Knight).

Alex studied biology at Leiden University.

In 1961 he passed his doctoral exam.

In 1966 he described in his work the DNA of adenovirus (consisting of 35,000 base pairs in a double chain) simultaneously with M. green.

In 1968 he received his doctorate on the structure of genes of adenovirus. He was then Professor at Leiden.

— In 1973, in his laboratory in Leiden, he developed important methods in cell biology. Namely, the cell line HEK 293 from human embryonic kidney cells human (information from the official source — the human embryos used openly). He is currently honorary Professor of the laboratory of molecular carcinogenesis. Also in this process involved Frank L. Graham, a canadian graduate student. Variants of the cell line used by the virus SV-40 (HEK 293 T) or Epstein-Barr (HEK 293 EBNA), which can be used plasmid relevant viruses.

— In 1985 in the laboratory of Alex van der EBA was established cell line PER C 6 (of eye retinal cells of the embryo) for pharmaceutical gene technology with adenovirus.

In 1974 Alex van der ECU and Frank Graham was the first to turn normal cells into tumor cells with a DNA virus (adenovirus). They also identified the responsible gene (gene E-1).

In 1989 he received the Robert Koch prize.

With all the work Alex van der EBA can be found here.

Next I will tell a little about Frank L. Gramm, thanks to which, an experiment to create HEK 293 success.

Нерождённые дети – это просто бизнес

Frank L. Graham

Frank L. Graham is a fellow of the Royal society of Canada. He studied at the University of Manitoba (bachelor’s degree) and the University of Toronto, where he received a master’s degree and received his doctorate.

— Being a doctoral student, he was in the laboratory of Alex van der EBA at Leiden University in the 70-ies. There he played an important role in the development of cell lines HEK293 and in the development of the method of transfection (the introduction of DNA into mammalian cells) by calcium phosphate, as in later widely used tools in genetic engineering and cell biology. Later, he considered gene therapy against cancer using adenoviruses.

In 1977, Graham has developed a variant of the HEK cell line for the production of adenoviral vectors.

He became a University Professor “McMaster”, where he is now retired and Emeritus Professor of the University.

In 1998 he was awarded the Robert Nobel.

Room 293, HEK which have resulted from habits of Frank L. Graham number of his experiments. The original clone of cells HEK 293 was just a product of his 293-year experiment. It should be noted that Graham has completed the conversion of a total of eight times, having only one clone of cells that have been cultured with some difficulty for several months. After the possible adaptation to cell culture cells from this clone, finally developed a relatively stable line of HEK 293. The cells that line it is extremely convenient for a number of studies and therefore widely used in almost every molecular biology laboratory to this day.

In General, these are the two scientists of the Creator of the cell lines derived from human embryos.

Further, as a result, when the selection information on the use of HEK293 became clear that this topic is divided into two versions.

First. Aborted human embryo into components laid out 40 years ago to create HEK 293, and now the line is used only as the basis for creating the taste of proteins and simulations of taste, which manufactures and sells the company “Senomyx” to large corporations. That is, I received 40 years ago in the production of additives in products, and not new embryos.

Second. Creators and sellers HEK 293 using still material new aborted embryos that are carefully concealed. This means that people buying products of corporations who cooperate with “Senomyx” to consume in food or cosmetics, medicine material of these aborted babies.

I want to note that NO MATTER which version is true, as You will in any case consume the product using material abortivnogo of the embryo. What a difference you have consumed the human embryo 40-y-old or, excuse me, fresh? Next, I will explain what I mean, considering in more detail the two versions.

Product using material baby not born 40 years ago. The assertion that current food, using flavors, obtained only by research based on cell lines HEK 293 = assertion that they are actually made using the cellular tissue of the unborn baby. On this subject, I liked the comparison Deby Winded, Executive Director of the organization “Children of God for Life”: “…the presence of the digital image of the photocopy of the manuscript of Beethoven is the same as the document in their own performance of Beethoven ” — the original is not present in substance, but is available in multiplayer, representative form.

The product is created using fresh cell lines derived from embryonic human kidney. Here meaning new materials from the embryo, not 40 years ago. The probability is that the kidney cells HEK 293 were purchased and come from intentional abortion.Just imagine the level of lawlessness and immorality. Conceived a new man, he begins his life, and develops it in the process of physiological development of addiction to my mother (is there still a lot dosetramadol the hidden and write) are extracted from it, thus killing, in order to extract from it the necessary cells to Get soft drink were delicious and the sugar contained in half. Is this not absurd? And I’m not exaggerating, as some of You may think. I just call a spade a spade.

In confirmation of the second version with planned abortions to obtain cells from new embryos in production, I want to introduce You to part of the work of Dr. Alvin Wong (senior consultant Department of Haematology-Oncology, National University “cancer Institute of Singapore”), which, knowing that, based on HEK 293 numerous studies, ranging from students to doctors, asked the question — how ethical the use of HEK 293 for the above purpose.

Нерождённые дети – это просто бизнес

Dr. Alvin Wong (Dr. Alvin Wang)

His investigation, he began with the fact that I asked one of the companies who supply HEK 293 embryos from which they sell the extracted cells, a miscarriage or a planned abortion. To which they replied that they do not know. Which, of course, strange.

Next, he studied the document written by the hearing of the meeting of the American Management on control over products and medicines (FDA). In this document, which referred to HEK 293, was specified the person who was involved in the development of HEK 293 — already known to You and Dr. Alex van der EB. The same man who in his laboratory in the early 70-ies of the last century, the Dutch brought this cell line by introduction of the adenovirus 5 type, his colleague Frank L. Gramm, in primary culture of kidney cells of an aborted human embryo.

So next, I will show You part of the work of Dr. Alvin Wong.

Alvin writes:

“For the sake of the conscience of the people who work with HEK 293, I wrote to Dr. Alex van der ECU at Leiden University, who confirmed that the records relating to the origin of HEK 293 was lost.”

Then he asks the question to Alex van der ECU and receives the answer:

“The fetal kidney material was as follows: kidney of the fetus was, with an unknown family history is obtained in about 1972. The exact date is not known. The embryo, as far as I can remember was completely normal. Nothing was wrong. Causes of abortion were not known to me. I probably knew it at the time, but can’t remember now.”

In his investigation of the problem of the use of HEK 293, Dr. Alvin Wong is inclined to the version that the cells were derived from embryos extracted using intentionally induced abortion. Moreover, it is easier administratively to the cells from induced abortions than miscarriage, and from a scientific point of view it is better to use tissue from induced abortions that are “more healthy”, because most lives are genetically healthy fetuses aborted for social reasons.Next, Alvin writes:

“At this hearing, FDA Dr. Alex van der EB recognizes that the fetus was “absolutely normal.” Later in his other work on human embryonic cells in the retina of the eye, he reported that these cells were obtained through artificial abortion.”

For this reason Dr. Alvin Wong concludes:

“Dr. Alex van der EB recognizes that working with tissue from induced (planned) abortions. Even if you may have been one or more instances of working with tissue from spontaneous abortions, it seems more likely that the priority will be tissue from induced abortion. The ease of obtaining tissue from induced abortions in comparison with the expectation of unforeseen miscarriage supports this probability”.

The use of the little unborn person (especially if the abortion is planned) at least for the sake of “saving the World” is immoral, inhuman, unacceptable.

Next, when searching for information on the subject, I found that HEK 293 cell line derived from embryonic human kidney, there is a freely available network both in Russia and in the West. It is for You to understand the scale of the use abortivnym embryos in our World. This is a very profitable business.

Assume that a company as large as “Senomyx” to purchase and use this cell line in the manufacture of its additives, there is no difficulty. The moral side of the question they probably don’t care. At stake is a huge profit, and — the impact on us. You don’t think that consumption of material of human embryos does not change us?

Нерождённые дети – это просто бизнес

The girl in the upper left corner is clearly something to rejoice.

Нерождённые дети – это просто бизнес

Take in this Chapter to Your understanding that the use of unborn children is not a horror story, very popular (not only in companies such as “Senomyx”) in other industries, will lead the following information.

There is a concept such as fetal therapy. This is a treatment using embryonic stem cells and tissues and also with biologically active substances they produce. With the development of fetal therapy in Russia has sharply increased the number of late-term abortions.

Have you ever wondered why women’s clinics aggressively offer to take the test for the prevention of congenital abnormalities of the fetus. Often these studies are as required. The procedure is as follows: ultrasound and the study of taken cells. This is a biopsy of the chorion or placenta, amniocentesis, cordocentesis. In all cases a puncture of the uterus and the extraction of the material.

If the research will give a positive result, it is proposed to prevent the birth of a child by abortioni. Or, to put it more precisely, I propose to kill the baby because he’s supposedly sick. In conducting such studies as this might damage the fetus, placenta, umbilical cord, the infection, abortion, premature birth.

Many examples in later pregnancies at 20-25 weeks, the woman doing the ultrasound examination and say that “dead fetus” or “pregnancy frozen” (does not develop) or “fetal abnormalities” — and strongly suggest an abortion.

And also many cases of women, despite the verdict, gave birth to a healthy and proper children. Therefore, if in female consultations strongly suggest you to get an abortion, it is necessary to conduct an independent examination in another clinic. According to official figures in Russia, six million abortions per year.

There is also information, however I can’t confirm or deny, that in the Russian scientific Center of obstetrics, gynecology and Perinatology under the leadership of Gennady Tikhonovich Dry (there is such, I checked) are made anti-aging treatments from fetal material. I found the website of this Centre in the network. Such, indeed, exist, but have not found a description or the cost of services for the rejuvenation. Assume that such procedures are not carried out openly. And they know “their”, “election”, “worthy”, etc. But there is, for example, the service “pathology of the fetus, abortion in the later term” the cost of which 49850 rubles.

Conclusion: using the cells of aborted babies, friends, it’s business. And here, the concepts “morality” and “conscience” — has no place.

Confirmation of the use of the company “Senomyx” cell line of embryonic human kidney (HEK 293).

When writing the article I wondered whether the company “Senomyx” is related to the use of cell lines of embryonic human kidney (HEK 293). What proof other than the information in Wikipedia or information from articles that are simply repeated on different resources.

In the end, when searching for information I found the free access to the official file with the investigation of resolution-protest from one of the shareholders “PepsiCo, Inc”. With it you can see yourself here.

Further, from this investigation, You just need to show one letter, You have to understand that this is not a lie, that “Senomyx” uses a cell line from the kidney of a human embryo in its production, the fruits of which are large corporations.

Below You will see the original letter (from the investigation), and then its full translation into Russian. Emphasize that the translation I did myself, and ordered the responsible authority to prevent errors in translation.

Нерождённые дети – это просто бизнес

The original letter in English

Нерождённые дети – это просто бизнес

Translation of original letter in Russian

Conclusion after reviewing the letter the following: shareholder of the Corporation “PepsiCo, Inc” Sarah Giltner submitted a resolution of protest on your Corporation, so as “to produce flavor enhancers “Senomyx” uses HEK 293 (kidney cells human embryo)”. And before that, she writes that “Experts “PepsiCo” is competent to determine which cell lines should be used in the development of a study on amplifiers of taste and smell.” I assume that this means that they are also competent to determine which cells were used for the production of their products. and perhaps precisely because of this, received information about the use of HEK 293 company “Senomyx”.

Believe that the shareholder of a Corporation is a person having impressive credentials and quite reliable information. Or do You think that it’s all fiction?

Then again, information taken from a document located on the official website of the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA. For those of you not familiar with this body then I will write a little about it.

Нерождённые дети – это просто бизнес

The Commission on securities and exchanges (USA) (The United States Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC) is an Agency of the U.S. government is the main body responsible for exercising supervision and regulation of the American securities market.

The Commission was created in 1934 under President Roosevelt. The Commission was established in accordance with the Law on the securities 1934

In addition to this Act, the Commission is subject to the following significant laws:

the securities act (Securities Act of 1933),

the law on the trust agreement of 1939 (the Trust Indenture Act of 1939),

the law on investment companies of 1940 (the Investment Company Act of 1940),

the law on investment advisers of 1940 (the Investment Advisers Act of 1940),

the Sarbanes — Oxley act of 2002 (the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002).

Do You think the official on the control of the United States would be positioning on your site is not reliable information? Remember — “there is No smoke without fire”.

In the continuation of the story about the resolution of the protest, it became clear that then the Corporation “PepsiCo, Inc”, ignored the protest, and counsel for the Corporation George A. Shireen noted that the resolution should be excluded because it deals with the issues “relevant to the ordinary business operations of the company” and “certain tasks are so fundamental to run the company on a daily basis that they cannot be subjected to supervision by the shareholders.”

Thus, when we are talking about making a lot of money (on the use of the remains of aborted babies), the Corporation rebelled against their shareholders, and the government in the face of the Commission on securities and stock exchanges, covered Corporation, saying that it is “the most common operations.”

After the company “Senomyx” fulfilled their contract and provided the right flavors Corporation “PepsiCo, Inc”, the latter said publicly that he would not “conduct or Fund research – including research carried out by third parties – which are any tissue of the human body or the cell line HEK 293, derived from embryos”. How hypocritical, isn’t it? Once the company did that itself, lull the consumer and sell more of their product, because the statement about “refusal to Fund such immoral research” caused a wave of joy that supporting it is the right decision, said the case — by purchasing twice the product, “PepsiCo, Inc”.

And You drew attention to the “allowable cell line” mentioned in the letter? Cells of Escherichia coli, yeast, insects, amphibians, Chinese hamster ovaries? You really want to feel in your body? If you don’t believe in using HEK 293 in food production — OK, Your right. But what they put in the box “dopustimye cell lines” — just disgusting. They don’t save the world resorting to these distortions, they are cheating Your brain, creating these nasty additives.

What to buy to try HEK 293.

We now turn to that part of the article, which we can apply in our real life. The company “Senomyx” using information of the human genome, have identified hundreds of types of taste receptors and currently received 113 patents. The network also write that it has partnered with 7 of the world’s major food companies and jointly develop technology.

Don’t know about the 7 major food companies in the world, but I do know that this company cooperates with “Pepsico”, “Firmenich”, “Ajinomoto, Co., Inc.” which is openly claims on its official website.

Нерождённые дети – это просто бизнес

Also in the preparation of his material I have read articles on this topic, where they write that the company “Senomyx” works with “Nestle”, but in confirmation of this found only this:

Нерождённые дети – это просто бизнес

I think that most likely the company “Nestle” was listed on the official website “Senomyx” and sorudnichaet with it so far, but for some reason was removed. Maybe “Nestle” was thus decided to protect themselves from scandals and thereby preserve their profits. After all, who wants to buy, for example, baby food, based on cells abortivnym embryos.

Let me remind you that the products “Senomyx” increase the intensity of the taste and smell. Because it uses a very small amount of a substance produced by the company in the production of food and cosmetics, it !not necessarily noted on label!, and classification parameters supplements fall under the broad category of “unusual tastes”. For this reason, components are not controlled by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration FDA food and drug administration).

So, we found that the company “Senomyx” uses in its production cell line derived from kidney of a human embryo. Now move on to who the main “players” whose cooperation with the “Senomyx”, you can confirm the information from official sources.

Нерождённые дети – это просто бизнес

What exactly works “Senomyx”.

Next, I will clearly show You which products are the above corporations and companies present in Russia, there are HEK 293. Do not expect that its presence in the product, You write on the label. This is usually referred to as “natural flavoring” because it is the work of the company “Senomyx” to create amplifiers and flavors. And not write for a convenient reason, about which I wrote above: “because it uses a very small amount of a substance produced by the company in the production of food and cosmetic, it is not necessary to mention on the label, and classification parameters supplements fall under the broad category of “unusual tastes””.

Let’s start in order.

Corporation “Nestle”. Full name — “Nestlé Société Anonyme” in Russian transliteration — “Nestle S. A.”, “joint-stock company Nestle”) — shveitsarskaya Corporation, the world’s largest food manufacturer. The main office is located in the Swiss town of Vevey(FR. Vevey). Nestle produces instant coffee, mineral water, chocolate, ice cream, soups, dairy products, baby food, pet food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Major brands — KitKat, Maggi, Nescafe, Nesquik, Nestea, Ritter Sport and many others.

Нерождённые дети – это просто бизнес

I want to draw Your attention to baby products from this company:

Нерождённые дети – это просто бизнес

In the mind of every second girl has cream “” purifying water “Garnier”. Many men love the perfume from the fashion house “Giorgio Armani”, “Diesel” etc. Every other mom buys her baby during the period of complementary feeding of puree Gerber. A list of the company products that surround us every day can be very long. We are surrounded by products with HEK 293.

2. The Company “Firmenich”. Is a world leader in the development and production of aromatic substances for the perfume and food industry and occupies about 14% of the global market of aromatics. The company controls the entire process from growing, harvesting and processing of raw materials to scientific research and industrial production, and natural food flavorings (in the collection – over 1000 of fragrances). The company annually invests millions of dollars in new development (has over 1800 patents) and studies of consumer preferences, which allows her to develop aromatic solutions that meet the changing tastes of consumers in different countries.

Today the company is recognized as No. 1 in the field of development and production of perfume compositions and among the three largest manufacturers of food flavorings. In Russia the company operates since 1996. Exclusive distributor in Russia: “fine ingredients.”

With regards to the perfume industry “Firmenich”, she works with brands such as:

Нерождённые дети – это просто бизнес

Customers Firmenich: Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, si El perfume (parfum CIEL is the leader of the Russian market of perfumery), Georgio Armani Attitude, 2007; Disel – Finally Legalised, 2008; Dior – Midnight poison, 2007; Marc Jacobs – Daisy, 2008; Dolce & Gabbana – Light blue, 2008; Gucci By Gucci, 2008; Giorgio Armani – Emporio Armani Diamonds, 2008; Estee Lauder – Sensuous, 2008.

I want to note that “si the ale perfume” is the only Russian company, for which “Firmenich” produces the fragrance of what they openly state on their website. This company also deals with means for care of face, body and decorative cosmetics. That is, if you see the label in the manufacturer name of “Ciel parfum” know that the probability that the sponsor use of the material of aborted fetuses.

3. The Company “Ajinomoto Co., Inc”. Japanese company producing flavors, seasonings, cooked dinners, sweeteners, amino acids and pharmaceuticals. The most famous product is the monosodium glutamate under the brand name “Ajinomoto”. The company “Ajinomoto Co., Inc.” specializiruetsya professional sports nutrition and Wellness nutrition and fitness components. Products presented on the Russian market shown in the picture below.

Нерождённые дети – это просто бизнес

4. Corporation “PepsiCo”. She, as You know, I paid special attention in view of the above information about the resolution of the protest within the Corporation. So, Corporation “PepsiCo, Inc” — the largest Russian manufacturer of foodstuff and drinks. In the Central and regional offices and at numerous production companies employ about 19 000 employees. Today, “PepsiCo, Inc” takes the leading positions in segments of carbonated, non-carbonated and energy drinks. Also “PepsiCo, Inc” is Russia’s largest industrial processor of potatoes and one of the largest processors of raw milk. The company is investing heavily in programmes aimed at improving the effectiveness of the suppliers of potatoes and milk, improving the quality and growth of supply of raw materials.

The Internet on the Corporation and its companies have a ready visual content, but I decided to compare a list of them with official information from the website “PepsiCo, Inc” — did not agree. Therefore, visual material for understanding what produces a “PepsiCo, Inc”, made for You myself. This is a topical list of companies of the Corporation on the date.

Нерождённые дети – это просто бизнес

Pay attention to brands of the Russian market. If You are vegan or raw foodists, it is likely to consume the products of the company, which uses HEK 293 in its production, every day. Many of You (but not all), I think that soda and snacks on her products. But no. She also is engaged in the production of milk, curds, baby food “Agusha” and That is, in principle, a production that for the average person in his understanding is not the product of a series of “sometimes” and is quite healthy.

How many potato chips “Lays”, “Cheetos” was eaten and washed down “Pepsi” at least during the FIFA world Cup 2018? How many people sponsored the use of HEK 293 in food industry for not knowing? Even, buying, this harmless product like cheese “Lamber,” You might accidentally tie yourself with the financing process, the use of HEK 293 and to take responsibility for such sponsorship.

Have You noticed how actively we impose all of these products advertised on TV, on the street, in stores? For example, recently, all my instagram was full of celebrity with a new bag of chips “Lays”.

Friends, how often do You buy home products company “the Cottage” owned by “PepsiCo, Inc”? For example milk, butter, yogurt or fermented baked milk? Surely You do not even know which component can be used in the production to want to buy its products again and again. Plus, imposing on You the responsibility for sponsoring the use of the same HEK 293. What You didn’t know that — not relieve You of liability with consequences later in Your life. But that is another and no less broad topic.

In General, check well with the picture and logos. Sure You will find your favorite manufacturer among them.


The time has come when each of us needs to pay more attention to what is happening around him. Why now? Yes, because we have all the possibilities to search and find the necessary and correct information and justification for our ignorance is no more.

We need more responsible attitude to what or whom we trust with our particular choice.

I was not the first time I write to You about responsibility. And I write because I am 99% sure about its direct impact on our lives and what it will be. Through our ignorance we have put enormous burden of responsibility, which pulls life down.

For example, You are buying meat products, devalue their lives. Sponsor a fence the life of another being, and therefore the price of your life is also not great. This is my opinion and You cite it as an example.

Buying the products of corporations collaborating with a company that uses HEK 293 — You sponsor a market for aborted babies. Did not know about this? I think — no. After all, the news on TV this is not exactly say in the newspaper do not write.

And so in all. Is Your selection and decision in a given situation and You are responsible for it. This applies to liability for such simple solutions as “the choice of a product in the store” and “choice and the decision of the head of state.”

Remember that not knowing the law is no excuse. And so in all. Check information from the outside. Self-study what you put into your body. Read about those who produce food for You. Healthy body, healthy spirit. And this applies not only to the level of Your athleticness.

All the best to You, friends.

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