Ukrainians will become witnesses of the bloody lunar Eclipse


Украинцы станут свидетелями кровавого лунного затменияNamed the exact date.

Red supermoon – a rare astronomical phenomenon that occurs at the moment of closest approach the moon and Earth, will happen on January 31.

In Kiev red-brown shining rises above the horizon after 16 hours, starting to get out of the shadow of the Earth. Let’s remind, that on January 31 there will be a partial lunar Eclipse.

According to scientists, the full “blood moon” the first will be able to see the inhabitants of the Western hemisphere of the planet, reports

The first bloody supermoon will be able to observe the people on the West coast of the United States, and from beginning to end phenomenon will only see residents of the island of Hawaii, the Eastern part of Alaska and Northwest Canada.

Clearly the Eclipse will also be visible in Australia, New Zealand, Eastern and Central Asia.

The inhabitants of the countries of Eastern Europe and the Middle East will see a bloody supermoon, when the earth, the satellite will be high enough in the sky.

The supermoon is an astronomical phenomenon that occurs when a match full moon or new moon with the moment of closest approach the moon and Earth. The most bright red color is created due to the fact that a heavenly body is in the shadow of the planet, and its surface is only part of the world.


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