Ukrainians will be able to see a meteor shower


Украинцы смогут увидеть метеоритный дождьThe event will occur in mid-December.

Next week, 13 December, the inhabitants of the Earth will be able to observe a meteor shower. Information about a rare and incredible event to share with the public astronomers.

According to experts, to observe a meteor stream Geminids citizens will be able in the night of 13 December. However, it is well to see the phenomenon will be possible only if the sky is clear from clouds, and even then you will not need any special equipment. In addition, enjoy the unique spectacle can only after midnight, since it will be hidden by the glow of the moon.

Astronomers also point out that the flow of the Geminids is one of the most “powerful” throughout the year. In the midst of the process, citizens will be able to observe hundreds of objects falling, and the average per minute in the Earth’s atmosphere has to get up to two compact meteorites.


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