Ukrainians were advised to refrain from trips to this country


Украинцам посоветовали воздержаться от поездок в эту странуThe foreign Ministry made a statement.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine warned about the terrorist threats in Tunisia and I do not advise to visit this country. About it reported in Department of consular service of the MFA of Ukraine.

“In Tunisia, kicks off the tourist season. In this regard, we recommend the European Parliament to take into account the country risks regarding security due to the increased level of terrorist threat, the likelihood of spontaneous protest actions and the like. It should also be noted that the ongoing armed conflict in neighbouring Libya and the difficult political situation in Algeria have a negative impact on the situation in Tunisia,” – said in the message.

Those citizens who already are in Tunis, it is advised to refrain from visiting places excessive congestion, always carry your documents to comply with the requirements and guidelines of local law enforcement agencies, it is possible to purchase a SIM card local operator.


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