Ukrainians told, when it is cheaper to go on vacation


Украинцам рассказали, когда дешевле всего ехать в отпускHow to save money on vacation.

With the arrival of spring the Ukrainians are beginning to think about vacation. Experts advise when it is best and cheaper to go to rest.

Travel expert Andrei Nikolaev advises to go on holiday in the second half of June. But in August the prices have significantly increased, and, oddly enough, the number of tourists increases.

“The ideal time to vacation at cost – this is the second half of June. Not so many people and the cost is relatively July – August is much lower. But traditionally in the world the most peak dates, when all the rest, this is the second half of July and all of August – in this period of very high prices and a lot of people,” he says.

The expert also advised to begin your planning early, already in February-March, while in Ukraine this experience is not too common, since our compatriots are not used to long to plan a vacation.

“Such planning to get a good price much more real than waiting for discounts in the peak season. It also gives you the choice of a wider variety of hotels as good hotels are never “burn”, and do not offer special prices and fill up quickly and are removed from sales”, – concluded Nikolaev.


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