Ukrainians told how to survive the winter months in warm countries


Украинцы рассказали, как пережить зимние месяцы в теплых странахThe Ukrainians claim that the accommodation in the Sunny edges, do not spend more than in Ukraine

The heroes of our material is not like the cold, so going to spend the winter in warm countries. I assure you the accommodation in the Sunny edges, do not spend more than in Ukraine.

Work place by the sea, eternal summer – instead of a stuffy office. To overwinter in warm areas, so as not to change their lifestyle and invest in your monthly budget – you can. Increasingly, Ukrainians wait out the cold winter months in warm countries of Asia. Most popular – India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand.

Of summer – in the harsh Ukrainian spring returned Eugene. He’s already six years in the winter leaving the country. Together with his wife and young son are packing their bags in the autumn, when the average temperature approaches zero. Says, this does not cause any problems or unnecessary expenses.

First, he found a group of like-minded people, regularly a few dozen people off of an apartment building in Asian countries. Live there for two or three months. The rent in terms of pay about three thousand hryvnias a month. Food and entertainment is not more expensive, than in Ukraine. And all the other delights of resort life – for free.

Often, however, the Ukrainians are going not only for the good weather, but also for impressions. The tickets to Asian countries are much cheaper than in Ukraine.

However, such long-term trip requires careful preparation, recognizes Orestes. Because the routes need to plan for the months ahead.


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