Ukrainians started to visit Turkey


Украинцы стали чаще посещать ТурциюPublished the latest stats.

Citizens of Ukraine have become more active to visit Turkey. This is evident in the statistics of the Ministry of culture and tourism of the Turkish Republic. In January-April, for example, Turkey was visited by 186 089 Ukrainians, which is 17.08% more than in the same period of 2017. From the published charts, it is also seen that the increase observed in each individual month. For example, January has given a growth of 16.75%, February at 14.48%, March to 13.6% and the APR is at 20.5%.

There are statistics and for individual regions, which also recorded growth. Istanbul, for example, in the first quarter of the year grew by 15.1%, while Antalya is 14%. According to the Attaché on tourism of Embassy of Turkey in Ukraine Berat Yildiz, by the end of this year, the dynamics of the tourist flow from Ukraine will grow by 15% and will reach half a million people.

The forecast looks quite real, because the tour operators in the summer season, once again put on Turkish resorts very large number of Charter flights. Due to the increased depth of sales and relatively affordable prices now they are partially filled. Do not forget that the statistics of the Turkish Ministry of culture and tourism, most likely, takes into account not only the organized tourist flow from Ukraine to Turkey. So optimistic calculations clearly constructed and subject to regular flights, of which there are many thanks to UIA and Turkish Airlines and several other airlines. Moreover, in near future there will be new and attractive routes, such as direct flight of Turkish low cost airlines Pegasus Airlines from Kiev to Izmir.


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