Ukrainians in Indian money produced by electromagnetic weapons


Украинцы на индийские деньги произвели электромагнитное оружие

Ukraine has mastered the production of electromagnetic weapons. It is reported on the website of the state foreign trade enterprise “Spetstechnoexport”, included in the structure of “Ukroboronprom”

This weapon is not intended for destroying manpower of the enemy, and to defeat various types of electronic equipment, including systems of power supply and data transmission systems. Created powerful electromagnetic radiation causes failure of electronic equipment and military equipment.

“Through this project, Ukraine joined the closed club of States working to develop high-performance electromagnetic weapons,” — said the Director of “Spetstechnoexport” Vladislav Belbas.

Money in this development has invested Indian company, and in February the first batch of this product has already been dispatched to India.

Well as electromagnetic weapons (EMW) is called “gun” in which to impart initial velocity to the projectile uses a magnetic field, or the energy of electromagnetic radiation is directly used to hitting the target.


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