Ukrainians are used as laboratory mice


Украинцев используют как лабораторных мышей

In Zaporozhye found a junkyard with one and a half tons of biological waste, including human remains. The situation is fraught with outbreaks of epidemics that modern Ukraine is especially dangerous: after breaking off ties with Russia, the country turns into a hotbed of rare infections. And it is possible that one reason for this is the use of Ukrainians for biomedical experiments.

The rapid development of Microbiology in XIX–XX centuries led to the cycle of historical victories on the infectious disease front has gone massive epidemics of typhus, cholera, plague, anthrax, centuries collecting their sad harvest. At the beginning of the XXI century the uncontrolled epidemic continue to happen, but it’s either episodic outbreaks of new viruses (such as H1N1) in major cities, or the intensification of exotic infections in the poorest States of Africa (like Ebola).

A significant role in the victory over the world’s epidemics played by domestic scientists, the benefit to the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union entered the territory with very different epidemic situation. Internal migration, natural circulation of pathogens, the tumultuous events of the XIX–XX centuries put before the Russian microbiologists not only scientific, but also national importance. And decided they were at a very high level.

Nobel laureate Ilya Mechnikov laid the foundations of modern immunology. Nicholas, Gamal organized the first Russian station of vaccination against rabies and became the founder of the national medical Microbiology. Sergey Vinogradsky not only solved practical problems in the St. Petersburg Institute of experimental medicine, but also became one of the founders of soil Microbiology, and Dmitry Ivanovo – Virology. To enumerate all of the names and achievements would require a separate article, but that’s enough anti-epidemic system of the USSR was recognized as one of the best in the world, and given the scale of the country it can be called the best. Developed network of medical monitoring infectious processes, well-functioning immunization schedule million people, specialized research institutes and University centers – all this allows to control known infection and to explore new, proactively create methods of diagnostics and protection.

After 1991, microbiological research schools and the system of anti-epidemic protection received a strong blow: once United, she began to break the new States respectively, and losing in quantity and in quality. However, the scientific unity in the post-Soviet space in some part managed to keep (just look at scientific publications in specialized journals), and for the subsequent quarter of a century to rectify and epidemiological work, again pushing the raging infection.

On the whole, a satisfactory background of a very dysfunctional area is Ukraine, where we have a paradoxical situation: the Republic, inherited a powerful part of the once unified system rapidly falls in the area epidemicas fragile States and becomes a source of infection for neighbouring countries. This is despite the fact that Ukraine continues to operate both fundamental and applied science and in research institutes and universities conducted a rather interesting study.

Why is the situation continuing to deteriorate? The reasons for at least three sharp drop in the level of healthcare after 2014, artificial rupture of relations with Russia, and – attention! – medical experiments on people.

Hospital map of the third world

Last year alone, Ukraine has suffered outbreaks of a number of infectious diseases. Right now its population is struggling with measles. According to Ministry of health of the country, for the first ten days of 2018 identified 200 cases of this disease are recorded every day and new. Dynamics speaks for itself: in 2016 measles in Ukraine had 78 people in 2017- about three thousand. The European Agency for health reports third-place Ukraine on the incidence of measles in Europe.

In 2017 in the nine regions of the country was marked by an outbreak of botulism, and with deaths. The situation had not yet reached critical levels, but doctors are sounding the alarm: botulism is simply nothing to treat, because the serum until 2014 bought in Russia, but more is not purchased “for political reasons”. Patients can buy it illegally (the price at the dealers – about 10 thousand rubles). There are proposals to request it in as humanitarian aid from the EU.

Also, there is a rising incidence of pertussis. And the situation with epidemic of a dangerous polio is that calling for Poroshenko to start doing at least something made even the who and UNICEF.

In parallel, the expected outbreak of diphtheria. Once defeated and it was already almost forgotten disease reminded him of himself in 1991-1998 years and now back again. Ukrainian infectious disease in autumn it was noted that to stop diphtheria is simply nothing, since the Russian vaccine Kiev refused, and a sufficient number of other producers was not. In the end, the Ukrainians, without advertising, buy the same Russian, extracting it from the overpayment on personal channels. Life is more political ambitions.

This list could go on, but the General reason is clear – the failure of state policy in the field of vaccination of the population after 2014. Those who and UNICEF in 2017 diagnosed that Ukraine along with Syria, Guinea, Nigeria and Somalia have been included in the list of countries with the lowest vaccination rates of children. According working in Ukraine British Professor-immunologist David Salisbury, in 2016, the level of vaccination from the most dangerous infectious diseases among the citizens of the country was 50%, with TB, slightly more than 10%, polio – 39%, against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis – only 2%. It was the lowest immunization rates in the world. In fact, the current measles epidemic British expert predicted back then.

Thus, the main result of the victory of the euromaidan became not only rising prices, the de-industrialization of the country and the massive emigration of able-bodied population, but also a sharp increase in the incidence among those who remained.

Not to say that in this critical situation the regime Poroshenko does nothing. In the country delivered vaccine against diphtheria, procured by UNICEF as humanitarian aid, and in late February by the UN arrived 220 thousand doses of the Belgian vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella. In parallel, the introduction of cheap Indian vaccines DTP set is checked Russian, but ordinary citizens treat them warily.

Many remember that the Indian vaccine from UNICEF in 2008 to import to Ukraine is forbidden, under arrest because she got even the chief sanitary doctor of the country. Now the same Indian product Ukraine as would fit – the important thing is that he’s not Russian.

People for medical experiments

The overall picture with new producers, the degree of purity of the drugs and conditions of their delivery is of the population of many questions, leading to growth antiprivivochnaya sentiment. The factor of years of propaganda of harm from vaccination have played a role in the current epidemic disaster. The campaign is in Ukraine since 2008, strangely coinciding with the redistribution of the market of immunobiological preparations. And since 2009, as zavilevskiy Deputy head of the State sanitary-epidemiological service of Sviatoslav Protas, “under the slogans of European integration, deregulation, the fight against corruption destroyed the surveillance system”. According to him, in 2015 there is no state programme of immunoprophylaxis.

In turn, head of the Department of infectious diseases of National medical University named after O. O. Bogomolets Olga Golubovska emphasizes that up to 2014 the country bought the drugs tested and the level of public confidence in vaccination was acceptable.

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The main Savior of Ukraine and other neighboring countries of Europe are now an international organization. In their case, it is not only about humanism – the Europeans accept the Ukrainian labor migrants and do not want to get the infection complete with cheap labor. In Poland already there was a precedent of a forced vaccination 700 employees of a meat processing plant after a measles outbreak from the two Ukrainian workers, and the countries of Central Europe quickly concluded.

There is another side of the coin, even more impartial, and to confirm a number of facts – the citizens of Ukraine can be used as an extensive experimental samples for biomedical research. The logic of such actions is obvious: elimination of inherited from the USSR system of epidemic surveillance and algorithms to fight infections, the rejection of decades of tried and tested scientific and professional ties, and after reaching a critical situation – replacement of experimental methods and drugs, the use of which the Ukrainian society will be forced to agree. And if you suddenly do not want to, it will persuade competent in this sense, the people. Citizen of the United States and the Minister of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun example.

Previously, her Ministry has officially approved the conduct of clinical trials of imported drugs on the Ukrainians. In the order № 835 openly says the 96 names of the studied drugs.

Earlier, in 2016, the press reported that officials allowed us to test the drug on patients with rheumatoid arthritis in hospitals in Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhya region, Poltava and others. “The tests also permitted us cure for schizophrenia, which will be held in Cherkasy, Kyiv, Kherson, Vinnytsia mental hospitals. Drugs from US will be tested and Ukrainians, pneumonia patients – for example, in Kiev and Kharkov hospitals. The American company Pfizer also intends to test his medicine on cancer patients on the basis of the Krivoy Rog, Lviv, Chernivtsi dispensaries. In addition, the patients who are treated for cancer, will test the effectiveness of their products and the French company AB Science (Krivoy Rog, Sumy, Kharkiv and other cancer centres). Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca AB will test a new drug for the treatment of pulmonary diseases”, – says the publication.

How the situation will develop in the field of infectious diseases? Probably for the same scheme. Suprun has reported on changes in the procurement system of immunological products, developed by Western experts.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to the officially recognized 11 closed microbiological centers in the USA (by the way, one of them is located near the border with Russia), Ukraine operates a landfill that operates under a U.S. military program DTRA. In accordance thereof, under the control of Washington the States are closed microbiological centres, uncontrolled by the local authorities and having access to state secrets. There is a theory that biologists of the United States, is covered by diplomatic immunity, there are studies that go beyond international constraints on biological weapons.

Here it would be possible to talk in detail about the career of the company Metabiota, executing the orders of the Pentagon in areas affected by the Ebola virus in Africa and in areas of epidemics in the Ukrainian territory. On the outbreak of swine flu in the Ukrainian army, which caused the death of soldiers. About the studies, cholera a bacteriologist from the United States, which coincided with her return to Ukraine and the emergence of a similar strain in Moscow. Or about a new wave of hepatitis. But a detailed analysis can be easily found in earlier publications.

After all this, it is difficult to wonder that in the Odessa region circulates aggressive genotype B3 of measles virus (Kabul), while in other regions of Ukraine – European virus samples D8. Is it a coincidence the presence in Odessa closed the microbiological center of the United States and the emergence of the Asian specific region of the virus, the name of which coincides with the location of the Afghan BioLAB Americans? It is an open question.

With this same virus on its territory faced the other scientists revealing in this respect, country – Iran, and also quite loyal to America of Pakistan. Do not want to draw here the analogy with Russia and Ukraine, but that Tehran will actively fight the epidemic on its territory, no doubt. But the Washington-controlled Kiev – is not the fact.

Especially sad on this background is a reminder that in times of tsarist Russia and the Soviet Union Odessa was one of the leading centers in the fight against infectious diseases. That’s where together with Nicholas Gamaliel Professor of Novorossiysk (now Odessa) University, Ilya Mechnikov, he organized and headed the first in the country and second in the world (after Pasteur Institute) bacteriological station. During most of the twentieth century Odessa research Institute of Virology and epidemiology was the southern Outpost of defense against epidemics. Now “South Palmira”, as well as Ukraine in General, is gradually emerging in the area of epidemiological disasters, whether in a landfill biological testing.

Russia, in any case, it is necessary to closely monitor what is happening. Infections do not respect national borders, and the genetic commonality of Russian and Ukrainian makes our people ravnovesiye before unscrupulous biomedical research in the modern world of global competition.


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