Ukrainian traveler explained the phenomenon of the “Bermuda triangle”


The locals in the phenomenon you do not believe.

Ukrainian traveler Konstantin Simonenko, which officially called for all countries of the world, said that no mystery of the Bermuda triangle, in fact there, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

That is the conclusion he came to after a trip to Bermuda, said in a statement on Facebook.

According to him, around the myth that the Bermuda triangle were killed EN masse ships, the Islands have built a whole industry.

Here is a veritable Museum of the Triangle, but in local shops you can buy a badge “I survived the Triangle” and the complete collection of “Secret materials” on 12 DVD.

Local in response to questions about the mysterious “triangle” just laugh, says the traveler.

According to them, statistically in the area killed more ships simply because through the island was all the routes from America to Europe, there were many radar and weather stations.

“Naturally in this thread and the statistics of crashes was slightly higher than usual. Statistics initially picked up looking for a sensation, the Newspapers, and then different writers, fiction writers and experts on UFOs,” says Simonenko.

“In General, there is no mystery in this triangle. Ordinary island in the Atlantic ocean. The resort, which is flying Americans, benefit from new York fly in just half an hour,” he concluded.

The BERMUDA TRIANGLE===I Flew to Bermuda and began to wonder up me…

Gepostet von Konstiantyn Symonenko am Montag, 2. März 2020


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