Ukrainian star Playboy mysteriously died at the age of 29 years


Janna Rasskazova. Photo:

The Playboy model, originally from Kiev, Janna Rasskazova, acting under the alias DJ Rass Jane, died in Moscow.

On the eve of death Rasskazova called a doctor from a private clinic to put her on a drip. At the same time she warned him that constantly takes medication for his chronic disease.

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After the dropper Rasskazova fell asleep and a few hours were in her apartment, the friends began to worry that she is breathing weird, and woke her up, according to REN-TV.

The model reached the kitchen, fainted and more to come.

The girl was 29 years old.

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Despite the fact that friends of the model at once called β€œambulance”? to save the girl’s life failed.

The power she always had superprofile, no alcohol, nothing really she’s not even used,” said friend Jeanne.

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Earlier, the blogger and β€œMiss Europe 2014” Diana Milojkovic died after a six year battle with cancer.

Also, the model and star of Playboy Ashley Massaro died at the age of 39 years. She was found unconscious at his home on long island (NY, USA) and was urgently hospitalized, but after a while, the doctors stated her death.

In addition, at the age of 95 years died a designer, writer and actress Gloria Vanderbilt. Of the death reported by her son β€” a famous journalist Anderson Cooper. Vanderbilt died from stomach cancer in their native range in new York (USA).

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