Ukrainian singer made a welcome public statement


Sergey Babkin admitted that Russia is the aggressor.

Ukrainian musician Sergey Babkin was publicly acknowledged by the Russian government as the aggressor. He said this in front of an audience that had gathered for his concert in the river.

Before the concert, which was held in city Palace of culture of machine builders, gathered two dozen activists from “Right sector” and “Svoboda”. They demanded from the artist to publicly state its position on the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

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Babkin did not mind. He met with two activists, and then all the protesters were invited into the hall where the people gathered for the concert.

He said: “I acknowledge the government of Russia as an aggressor”.

The activists also asked the artist to articulate his position in relation to the occupation of the Crimea. Sergey Babkin also said that Crimea is an occupied territory of Ukraine.

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Then the concert began, and the activists left the room.

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