Ukrainian singer first showed three year old son


Son of Anna Zavalska similar to his stellar mom.

Anna Zavalska, singer and pr Manager, became a mother in December 2015, but only three years later decided to show the face of your son Elijah.

So, Anna Zavalska visited a family show with a 3-year-old Ilya and shared photos from the event. One of them fun posing her son.

In addition, Zavalska thanked all those present on the show: “Today show “Litros” had a record number of stars, my beloved colleagues and friends (with all do not even have time to cuddle!). I am grateful to everyone who has shared with us today this celebration of music and beauty! I love you.”

By the way, 2015 Anna Zavalska is married to musician and composer Dmitry Saratsky.


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