Ukrainian singer boasted a unique audience of her concerts


Famous Ukrainian singer said that at her concerts has a lot of babies.

Singer Nadezhda Dorofeeva , who after “Tanzu s with a stars” sat in the coaching chair show “the Voice.Diti-4”, talked about the emotions experienced from the project. The artist does not hide: with a colleague from group “Time and Glass” Positive they were fighting, sitting in a double chair.

At the concerts of the Duo are among the guests, many children. Thus, according to Nadi, taking on their speech, even babies, reports the Chronicle.Info with reference to TSN.

“We have concerts often breast kids, and we ask why? And we are told that the babies eat during our concerts, fall asleep, Wake up. And really come with babies,” says the star.
Despite the presence of children at concerts, Dorofeeva says: its a pretty straightforward love costumes, and “kids even sew such cool costumes.”

In the project “Voice.Diti-4” actress sitting next to the judge “s Tancu with a stars” MONATIKом and the winner of the show Natalia Mogilev.

According to the singer, she’s friends with Dmitry.

“I love this family. We plan someday to do a duet and all that. But there we will fight for our children until the end, despite the friendship,” she said.

Regarding the competition between her and Mogilev, Nadia has placed points over “I”.

“I’m happy that our couple took second place. Natalia Mogilev was once the second place and all were discussing that Ah didn’t win. And now I write such great posts, I understand that this is an excellent support,” said the star.

Thus, on the assumption Osadchaya that in the next season of the project is to send Positive, he responded that this was a very difficult decision.

Their dance in the finale of project yield dedicated to the late father. According to the singer, it is difficult to talk about it.

“But dance I did. We are not told this in the diary, decided not to engage with Eugene manipulations that voted for us, not to put pressure on the tear. We just wanted to dance. My story is that sometimes the stepfather is more of a dad than dad,” she confessed.


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